"Give Me Sugar" Weekly Wisdom

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What is your favorite sweet treat?

I haven't met a sweet treat I didn't like. Except for maybe butterscotch, I am not a fan of something that tries too hard to be caramel - anything else is fair game. I also enjoy those lovely people who get together during the holidays and make a variety of treats and then put a couple of each on a plate and share them with me (I'm looking at you Paula, Stacey and Ashley). I love it so much I don't dare try to make any on my own. 

In all honesty, besides the literal sweet treats there is nothing sweeter than being around family and friends during the holidays. Last week, I asked a variety of people what their favorite thing is about the Thanksgiving holiday. There was only 1 person, just 1 who said being with family and friends. The rest of them all mentioned a food item. Now mind you, I did not ask them what their favorite Thanksgiving food was but the majority went straight to food. It kind of made me think about how many of us still forget the real meaning of this time of year. It's not about all the food, buying presents, being stressed, being sooo busy, decorating and traveling everywhere. 

It is all about the sugar.  Sugar = family and friends

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