"Meat and Potatoes" Weekly Wisdom

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What kind of dietitian are you?

There are no limits for the kind of dietitian you want to be. None. If you want to be a dietitian who specializes in different types of peanut butter, do it!  I know that seems a little wild but what I am saying is you do not need to get another certification or degree to do what you want to do - you have that already. Practice what you enjoy and gets you excited to help others. I have talked with dietitians who don't dietitian anymore (meaning they do not work with clients) but have honed their skills in a lot of different areas - marketing, research, teaching, business, communications, sales, accounting, finances, human resources, project management, IT, culinary, do I dare keep going? You are more than a dietitian. 


What you are doing now might not be your forever job or passion. Things will happen, life will happen that changes your trajectory. Be open to what is out there in the world, listen, talk with others, doodle and dream. You will always be you at your core and let the journey take you where you want and are destined to be. I will always be a meat and potatoes kind of dietitian but the toppings, that's where it gets interesting. 

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"Accept the Compliment" Weekly Wisdom

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How do you respond when someone pays you a compliment?

Compliments are precious commodities. I do not feel we hand them out enough and I do not feel we accept them graciously. Guilty as charged in both areas. 

Compliments are gifts you can freely give to someone. I guarantee you should have given out at least 2 already today as you are reading then. I also guarantee you have probably gotten one today but maybe did not pay any attention of sloughed it off like it was nothing. It was something. Something someone felt compelled to share with you, about you or something you did. If you failed to recognize it in the moment, then you failed the person who was giving it to you. They will be less likely to give more of them to you in the future and that is sad. 


When we are looking for the joy in each day (because remember there is always at least one) are you paying attention to the possibilities of the joy compliments bring?  In the past, I did not accept compliments. I would hide behind them and not give them any attention or power. I did not feel worthy of them because I did not have the confidence in myself to take them in and allow myself to feel the joy from them. It took me a little time and grace to welcome compliments. I started with giving them out more - to everyone - family, friends, pets, neighbors, and even strangers. I watched how they responded, how they took in the compliment and realized many of us struggle but many of us don't. The one's that didn't struggle with compliments, that's who I learned from and wanted to be. 

Compliments are the worlds best give and take. 

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"Even Farther Apart" Weekly Wisdom

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Have you ever went a day without your phone or computer?

I have not. My significant other has encouraged me/us to do this and I keep putting it/him off. I don't know why because it would probably be so great for me. But then I couldn't look up a random actor I want to know more about or find the ingredient list of a product I am curious about. I also couldn't scroll through social media, which might be one of my biggest downfalls. 

I have set time limits on my phone to keep myself more focused on my day and what is right in front of me. Being present in the world around me is becoming more important to me than watching the latest video of someone pointing to words or lip syncing a sound byte. I appreciate everyone putting these videos together and I am not throwing any shade, I just know it is not for me and I would much rather have face to face time with humans instead of watching them in a video. 

We have this amazing technology, better than we have ever had, but I feel we are drifting farther away from truly being connected. I am grateful for all my connections via the interwebs, they are priceless - but I also hope I get to meet them in person someday. I am grateful for email but lately I find myself starting to type one out and then decided to just call them instead. I love seeing reminders of my friends birthdays on Facebook, but why would I write a message to them there when I could call or text them personally?

I don't feel doing away with our technology is the answer but I do like the idea of technology breaks and rethinking how we communicate. I am ready to have more in person connections blended in with those  we make through technology. There is a special energy of connecting face to face that no form of technology can replicate, not even Zoom. 

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