"Timing IS Everything" Weekly Wisdom

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Do you believe in the timing of things your life?

As much as I don't want to believe it, I do.  There are many of those timings in my life I would like a redo but there are many where I sit back and say, ahhhhhh now I see why.  

Just randomly this past week I was home at my moms house for Thanksgiving and we decided to go for walk in the afternoon. As we were approaching the trail, at the exact same time, we met my bestie from childhood and her family. It was wild. It was a gentle reminder for me to lean into the timing in my life a little more. 

We all try to control time. We try to stick to a schedule everyday to make sure we get shit done. We try to put our profession and our personal lives on a timeline. At this age I will get my first job and make this amount of money, then I will get married, buy my first home, get a dog/cat, have my first child, get promoted, have a second child....etc.  What if it goes like this instead:  I got fired from my job, not finding the love of my life and not getting married and maybe I don't want to? Got divorced, never have kids, don't have enough money to own a home. Many of us don't factor in these type of things in our timeline because let's face it, it doesn't feel good to think about. That's why it all hurts so much when it happens, it bursts the bubble of our dreams and the timeline we have set. 

We cannot force timing but we can be more open to how things happen. We know things are going to be really good sometimes and not so good. We know we will have achievements and there may also be some set backs. But there is always something consistent about what happens in your life:  the people who carry you. Maybe there are the people you have know since birth, the people you meet along the way, the people who have stayed or the people who have left. They were/are there when you needed/need them most. 

Think of how long it took for our paths to cross...I thank you for being someone who is carrying me along my timeline and I hope I am doing the same for you. 

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"Find Your Passion" Weekly Wisdom


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What is your passion?

Each time I think of this question it reminds me of the guy on the street in Hollywood in the movie Pretty Women asking "what's your dream?" There will be a time when I spend the whole day walking around asking everyone I encounter this question. I am curious if people currently have dreams and passions or if there is some in the past they haven't thought about in awhile. Because that is what I think happens. When we are young, we have strong feelings regarding our dreams and as time goes on, I feel they fade. 

They don't have to fade, we just need to adapt. Maybe we don't have the same dreams of our youth but we have dreams and passions of who we are today. They don't have to be extreme, larger than ourselves or be earth shattering - but we still need to have them. 

I met Bruce a few weeks ago and we were talking about passion and he has a few but one he mentioned really stuck out to me. His passion is making deviled eggs. He has many different recipes and a has his secret ingredients and you could see his eyes light up when he talked about making them. Now that's the good stuff. That's the light in someone who knows his passions and is proud of all of them. The small and the big. 

We all need to keep our passions present and alive in our lives. We also need to share them with others. If it has been awhile since you thought about your own, now is the time and share them with someone. The big ones and the small ones, they all make you who you are. 

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"Give Me Sugar" Weekly Wisdom

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What is your favorite sweet treat?

I haven't met a sweet treat I didn't like. Except for maybe butterscotch, I am not a fan of something that tries too hard to be caramel - anything else is fair game. I also enjoy those lovely people who get together during the holidays and make a variety of treats and then put a couple of each on a plate and share them with me (I'm looking at you Paula, Stacey and Ashley). I love it so much I don't dare try to make any on my own. 

In all honesty, besides the literal sweet treats there is nothing sweeter than being around family and friends during the holidays. Last week, I asked a variety of people what their favorite thing is about the Thanksgiving holiday. There was only 1 person, just 1 who said being with family and friends. The rest of them all mentioned a food item. Now mind you, I did not ask them what their favorite Thanksgiving food was but the majority went straight to food. It kind of made me think about how many of us still forget the real meaning of this time of year. It's not about all the food, buying presents, being stressed, being sooo busy, decorating and traveling everywhere. 

It is all about the sugar.  Sugar = family and friends

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