The Endless "To-Do" List Weekly Wisdom

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How many items are on your "to-do" list right now?

I have 55 things on my work to-do list and I have 15 on my personal to do list. But the day is not over, I am sure there will be something added to both of them. This week I have had major anxiety over my work list because there is not enough hours in the day. I am slacking on my sleep and meal prep schedule and I am compromising on some other non-negotiables I swore I wouldn't compromise. Any of this resonate? 

And then I realize, I am only one person...

I don't have to do all the things and get everything crossed off my list in one day. I don't have to sleep 2 hours less a night because I feel bad for not having a task completed AHEAD of time. I don't have to eat saltines and slurp down a protein shake while I am on driving and listening to a meeting on Zoom. 

What I can do is feel a sense of accomplishment when I do get one item crossed off BECAUSE I was gentle on myself with my timing and took the time to do the task well. I can sleep the whole 7-8 hours I need to be a well functioning human throughout the day. I can sit down for 20 minutes and enjoy a freshly cooked meal without checking emails in between bites. 

Don't let a "to-do" list dictate your life. You will always have one, you will always have things to do and you will always get the important things done. This is a sign of living and stressing less about it is a sign of growth. 





"Embrace the Weird" Weekly Wisdom


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What is something you do that would probably be deemed as weird?

What is weird really?  I don't believe a dictionary describes it accurately because we all have our own interpretation based our own experiences and context. Like I think it is weird that I like things organized and everything has its place but my medicine cabinet is a mess and my toothpaste drawer has 6 different varieties of toothpaste mixed in with a couple random bars of soap and a hairbrush. Makes not a bit of sense, I am aware and I do nothing about it. 

I also think it's weird when my cat stands in the shower and meows because all she wants me to do is start the shower so she can lick the water off the wall. Big time weird. Weirdo weird. 

I try really hard not to judge anyone for what they do or how they do it because we all know there is a possibility our actions could be seen as weird by others. Some of us are ok with that and don't give it another thought, some of us let it really affect us and try hard not to do those things. The latter was me for many years of my life and it was exhausting. At the end of the day, the only person who was being deeply affected by being "normal" was me and this was no way to live. 

Now, if I want to talk to myself in my office at work, it's happening. If I decide to dance in the middle of the grocery store because I like the song and most likely will be singing it too - done and done (I'm a really good singer, btw). And you might catch me drinking a beer with a straw, don't knock it until you try it because my theme this year is all about embracing the weird. 

Weird is a side effect of awesome and I am here for it. 

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"This is 45" Weekly Wisdom


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How do you feel about your age?

My friend Brenda spent the weekend with me this past week to celebrate my birthday and wrote these wise words in a beautiful card she gave me - I couldn't have loved it more. Age has really never been an issue in my world since 25 hit - what a dipshit I was freaking out about 25. Age does feel like something I have glided into as graceful as possible and with increasing wisdom along the way. 

I have created a little universe of calm with great family and friends by my side, a life I am proud of and  knowing what I want, deserve and will go after in my life. I have learned expectations of others only hurts myself and if I want something, I am the one who needs to make it happen. Sometimes this is a harsh reality to understand, but it proves itself to be true as the years pass by. I am the architect of each trip around the sun and 45 is forming to be a great one. 

Today, I go into another year of the world enjoying me and me enjoying the world I am so graciously getting to live it out on.