"Shake It Up" Weekly Wisdom

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 Do you remember your first major breakup?

I remember mine. And I was the one who broke it off. It was my first major relationship and looking back, the boy was super sweet but I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I was going into my senior year of high school and wanted to live my best life. I know I was a little selfish and I know it hurt him deeply. It was really hard to make the decision and it hurt me too but in a different way. Thankfully, we were able to reconnect later in life and be friends. It was my first lesson in life that breakups are ok. There are more than those kind of breakups. I think we go through a lot of different breakups in our life...as we should. 

If you're not experiencing a variety of break ups in your life, you really can't grow.  We know it but yet we try really hard to avoid them even though deep down we truly know they need to happen. We need to break up with bad habits. We need to break up with our addictions to our phones. We need to break up with bad jobs. We need to break up with poor spending habits. We need to break up with toxic people in our lives (friends, co-workers, family members). We need to break up with complaining. We need to break up with squatting down in that weird position in photos (am I right or am I right?). We need to break up with people we are paying who aren't doing their job. We need to break up with being hard on ourselves. We need to break up with explaining ourselves to anyone. 

Breaking up with how we think things should be is worth the shake up. There is a lot of noise out there telling us we should do this or that and it influences us more than we know. It might be your friends, your family or the salesperson disguised as someone who cares about you - only because they want your money. Don't fall into the trap of letting someone else make your decisions or control your life. Break ups are hard AF but only better things come after the difficult time. You never will know how good it can be by staying in something taking away your goodness. 

Don't stay stagnant, it's time to shake it up. 




"LIFE/WORK Balance" Weekly Wisdom


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How are you doing with LIFE/WORK balance?

See what I did there?  We usually refer to it as work/life balance - always putting the "work" part first. But what if...what if we put LIFE first, then work?

I have always kind of struggled with putting work before life. I would let the schedule of work rule my life schedule. Do the work things first, then I can do the life things. I cannot count the times the work things would take much more time than planned and life things would get put on the back burner or just not done at all. 

There is no magical plan for what will be a life/work balance for you. This month, I am trying something new and approaching it as a bookend with my daily joy. I schedule a life event at the start of my day, then my work items and then end my day with my joy. For the last couple weeks, I am finding I look forward to what my life event will be for the day and making sure it happens. So far, it has been things like read a chapter in my book, watch a show I have added to my list on Netflix, visit my Mom, a group workout and coffee with co-workers, plant my pots for the summer, visit my girlfriends, plan a vacation and get a pedicure. 

We should schedule events for our life like we do for our work - just in case we are not truly taking the time to experience more life balanced with work. 




"Spring Into a New Start" Weekly Wisdom

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Do you partake in Spring cleaning?

Is Spring cleaning even a thing this year with the pandemic?  I feel like I have been Spring cleaning since March of 2020. I always loved this notion of Spring cleaning. After months of the dreary winter and being inside - there is nothing like opening up the windows and letting fresh air in the house. I think when we open up all the windows and with longer days, we literally see the dust and dirt a little bit better to spark a need to clean. When it comes to our own beings, how often are we opening up the windows and taking a good look at the corners and crevices of ourselves?

Every day, week, month - I try to take a good look at myself and see what needs "cleaning."  There is always something that could use a good polishing. Just the other day, I realized my road rage needed to be cleaned up as the traffic starts to increase again.

We all have our "stuff" that builds up, creates clutter and needs to be cleaned up from time to time. When we roll our sleeves up and do the dirty work, that is when we grow. That is when we bloom. We don't need to wait for a special date or time of year to do this tough work...starting on Monday should not be an option. We need to start right now and as we usually tell ourselves when it comes to cleaning, we need to do it consistently and stay on top of it - so it doesn't pile up and get unapproachable or discourage us. 

It is Spring, it is a great time to let the light shine in on ourselves, spruce up a few things a bit and let yourself bloom.