#WeeklyWisdom and New Years Nutrition Nosh

#WeeklyWisdom and New Years Nutrition Nosh

Happy New Year!  What is your theme going to be for the year?

In a recent conversation for my podcast next week with my friend Nicole and Dave, we were talking about what we are looking forward to in the new year. Nicole brought up how she set a "theme" for 2018 and she applied this to all areas of her life both personally and professionally. I think this idea is spot on. Instead of thinking of the new year as a time to set a laundry list of goals and resolutions, how can you set the tone for what you will do and be in the year to come?

What will your theme be?  My theme this year is going to be "Enthusiastic."  I have gotten a little comfortable this past year and there are some looming things out there that are scary and are going to be difficulty in my head. So instead of negative self-talk about doing all things, I am going to embrace being enthusiastic. This goes for everything, from laundry to dishes, for the gym, to creating content and advancing my podcast. If I can have more enthusiasm in everything I do, I will be able to experience much more joy in my life. How can that be a bad thing?

Put away your list for 2019, throw it away if you must and all you need to do is pick out your theme. Let it guide you through the next 364 days. If you want to be held accountable, share it with someone close to you or even share it with me. Let's experience more joy together. 


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