"What We Really Need Right Now" Weekly Wisdom

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Are there days where you just want to tap out?

WWE wrestling has made me a fan of being pushed to the limit and wanting to tap out. There are just those days we can't take it anymore. There are also those days where it it is so unbelievable how things are going you deliriously laugh. 

Those are the days we need a fuck it button. 

Sometimes you just need to say fuck it. You are only human and can only tolerate so much. Knowing your limits and how to handle them is power. If it could only be as simple as pushing a button but it is not, so how do you handle those days when you have been pushed to your limits?

I have a variety of ways to deal in my arsenal. It can be as simple as deep breathing for a couple minutes or as extreme as cleaning my shower with a toothbrush.  I make sure to have 10-15 different things to go-to so I don't just lay in bed binging on Netflix and ice cream for days. My fuck it button is constructive not destructive. 

How do you handle your limits?  If you need to tap out, do it - but do it with purpose. 

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