"Storms and Rainbows" Weekly Wisdom


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When was the last time you saw a rainbow?

Rainbows are very memorable but I can almost bet you remember the last time it stormed more than you remember the last time you saw a rainbow. 

That's because we focus more on the negative things in our lives than the positive things. We find it easier to complain than to talk about the positives in each day. We feel sorry for ourselves for what isn't going right more than we notice the abundance we have in our lives and what is going wrong. 

When you think of the glass being half full or when you remember the rainbows instead of the storms - that is next level living. You are choosing to focus on beauty, goodness and mostly the positive that you have in your life. Bad things are always going to be lurking, it's part of life. Hell, I stubbed my toe for the hundredth time yesterday and said a lot of cuss words and cried but I still have a toe, I still can walk. This might not be the bad you are thinking about but think about the "little bad things"we think and talk about everyday?  Is it really necessary?  It doesn't help uplift your day or make things easier on your mind or heart. And when something really bad happens, we just can't deal with it - it is just too hard because we have placed our focus on all the wrong things. 

Choose your hard. Choose your thoughts. Choose to always remember the last time you saw a rainbow instead of a storm. 

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