"Before You Buy" Weekly Wisdom


"Before You Buy" Weekly Wisdom on grey background in black letters with polka dots

Before you buy a bunch of stuff this year for family and friends here is some #foodforthought...

Have you started the hustle and bustle of the holidays?  I am sure you have, it is hard not to once Thanksgiving is here and gone - with black Friday and Cyber Monday just tempting us with discounts and deals, waiting for us to buy all the stuff. Most of which we don't need. 

This holiday season, I am sharing some ideas to help you think out of the box on buying things for others. No one really needs more "things" to add to their lives but I bet many people in your life would appreciate and utilize more thoughtful ideas to be gifted. 

Which brings me to my first idea...

No one is going to tell you they need a bill paid off or they are behind on a payment for their electricity.  If you are close with your family and friends, you know if they are struggling. This could be your chance to help. Many utility companies will allow you to pay outstanding bills or provide them with a gift certificate. This could also be applicable to paying rent, credit cards or maybe an unexpected bill for medical treatment, a vet bill, dental work, car insurance. Times have been tough for many people and if you are paying attention, you will know exactly what a loved one might need help with. 



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