Month of Gratitude: "Looking Forward to Thanksgiving" Weekly Wisdom


Month of Gratitude:  "Looking Forward to Thanksgiving" Weekly Wisdom

What are you excited for at Thanksgiving tomorrow?

I want to spend the month of November being more grateful. I have gratitude prompts for each day of the month to think and write about. Each week, I am sharing one of my favorites and hope you will be a gratitude groupie with me.

Thanksgiving is has been growing on me as a holiday. In the past, it wasn't my favorite because it stressed my family the F out. But there is so many great qualities about it now as I am getting older. I am always grateful to spend time with my heartbeats, share some eats (Mom's Potato Casserole and Polly's Aloha Bake yummm) and drinks and just enjoy the adventure of the day. 

The one thing I am most excited for tomorrow is chaos that awaits. The goofiest shit happens on this holiday with my family. This year, I can only imagine how it's all going to play out as the party is getting bigger as the family and friends are being extended. Chaos makes life beautiful. 

Cheers to all the food, all the love and all the thanks we will share with our heartbeats tomorrow. 

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