Month of Gratitude: "Embracing Your Body" Weekly Wisdom


Month of Gratitude:  "Embracing Your Body" Weekly Wisdom

What is one thing you love about your body right now?

I want to spend the month of November being more grateful. I have gratitude prompts for each day of the month to think and write about. Each week, I am sharing one of my favorites and hope you will be a gratitude groupie with me.

After Halloween, sometimes we hit the holiday train of no return and just roll into the New Years with complete abandon. It starts a cycle of not feeling as confident in our skin and forgetting how there is much more to life than worrying about your pants getting a little tighter from attending gatherings you are enjoying and eating whatever the hell you want. 

I know it's going to happen every year and that is totally fine with me. What I love about my body right now is I have two legs that allow me to walk, stand and move around. It enables me to exercise when I need some good endorphins, they help me walk a customer to their holiday favorites in the grocery store, they allow me to pick up the bajillion leaves flying around in my yard. 

They have weird veins, cellulite, scars, and a few hairs I missed but they are mine and I am grateful for their support. 

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