Month of Gratitude: "Finding the Joy in Each Day" Weekly Wisdom

Month of Gratitude:  "Finding the Joy in Each Day" Weekly Wisdom

What is the best thing that happened to you today?

I want to spend the month of November being more grateful. I have gratitude prompts for each day of the month to think and write about. Each week, I am sharing one of my favorites and hope you will be a gratitude groupie with me.

I am writing this in real time today as I wanted to answer the question honestly. I always get up early in the morning, around 3:30 am each day to start my day in a positive way with praying, journaling, exercising and eating food. I am not a coffee drinker and believe it or not, I function just fine. 

As the early morning hours are surrounding me and the day just beginning, the best thing to happen to me today is waking up. The act of opening my eyes, feeling my heartbeat and breathing is something I am grateful for deep down in my soul.  

 I am always so thankful for another day to be alive, be a good human, move my body, have food to nourish my body, have a car to drive and do great things at work. I am also grateful for another day because I get to talk to the people I love, snuggle my kitty and sleep in the coziest bed in the land. 

So today at 3:43 am, my eyes are open, my lungs are full, my heart is beating and my mind is clear to take on whatever this massive gift of a day ahead has in store for me. 

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