"Spend Your Yes Wisely" Weekly Wisdom

"Spend Your Yes Wisely" in black letters on a grey background with white polka dots

What value do you put on your "yes"?

I stretch myself too thin at times. We all stretch ourselves too thin sometimes. Why do we do it?  Why do we make plans and then when they get here, we are looking for reasons to cancel?  Why do we commit to a task, when we know it is going to keep us working longer than we had planned or take us away from something else we need in our life?

We don't spend our yes wisely. 

We need to put the same value on our yes as we do money. If a yes was a $10 bill, we should make it be 10 times worth that - $100. Our yes has more value than any currency because our yes encompasses so much of ourselves. When we hand out our yes like it's candy, it takes away from what we really should be saying yes to. 

For me, it is yes to more quiet time, yes to less time in front of the computer, yes to reading more, yes to taking care of my health, yes to quality time with my humans, yes to sleep, yes to my mental health, yes to all the things to keep me balanced. 

Next time you are tempted to say yes to another commitment, what valuable thing for yourself are you saying no to?




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