"Celebrate Everything" Weekly Wisdom


"Celebrate Everything" Weekly Wisdom in black letters on a grey background with tiny white polka dots

Do you celebrate all the great things happening in your life?

I loved a lot of things about my sister but one of my favorite things is how she found joy in celebrating all the things. Big or small, it called for a celebration. I have been thinking about her and how she was so right in doing so. After writing this post, my mom even brought up Kate's enjoyment in celebrating all the things. It truly was one of her many gifts. 

Why don't we be more like Kate? Why do we wait to only celebrate when things are "big" by society's definition?  There is something in everyday worth celebrating. Very similar to finding the joy in each day. Every evening, I have been writing my daily joy and thoughts of Kate have giving me a shift in writing down a daily joyful celebration. It might sound cheesy but how can you be sad or depressed if you can find this in everyday? And p.s., I know you can. 

You don't need a party, champagne or anything special to celebrate something each day. By all means, please do if you want to! What you do need is to find recognition in the amazing things you are doing and the amazing things that are happening around you every day. If you're not paying attention, it's on you for missing out. 

Waking up, being alive, breathing and being able to smile is pretty awesome. It's another day on this earth, to be with who I love, to do what I love, and be better than the day before. 

Be like Kate, celebrate everything!



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