"Sometimes You Need to Slow Down" Weekly Wisdom

After being at home this past year are you more on the go?

I kind of feel like not a thing has really changed since last year and now everyone has massive FOMO and are going all the places all the time. Everything is busier, the roads, the stores, airplanes, our brains...we are heading right back to massive overload. Is this really a good thing?

If you really want to go fast, you really need to slow down. 

I cannot be mad at the past year whatsoever. I enjoyed the slowing down because I feel like I actually took the time to look at where I was in my life, what I needed to work on and what I really want to do with my life. I found the answer isn't running all over the place, starting 60 projects and half ass finishing them, pushing off dealing with the hard things with retail or beauty therapy. It's about truly slowing down, doing 1 or 2 things really well and celebrating with treating myself with something I enjoy. 

If you have things you want to do or have started and can't seem to finish something you keep starting and re-starting, consider just slowing down the everyday hustle. You will be amazed with your sense of accomplishment and giving yourself the gift of time. Remember time, is our biggest currency - spend it wisely. 




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