"Laugh A Little More" Weekly Wisdom

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Do you make sure you laugh everyday?

There is nothing better than laughing. I have realized the moment I laugh during my day, my day becomes that much better. Therefore, I am making an effort to surround myself with people who I can laugh with.


I know there are days were we just cannot laugh. And that's ok. But if you keep people who radiate happiness and joy close to you, they will be there to pick you up on those days. Those days you don't want to get out of bed, shower or even think about doing anything. These people will turn your frown upside down. And these people are as essential as sleep and water.

It is also ok if the people who once made you laugh, don't anymore. They were in your life at the perfect time and it is also ok for them to leave your life at the perfect time. If they are causing more tears than laughs, you also know it is time to make some changes. 

Laughing a little more is always worth the joy and so are you!



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