"Spring Into a New Start" Weekly Wisdom

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Do you partake in Spring cleaning?

Is Spring cleaning even a thing this year with the pandemic?  I feel like I have been Spring cleaning since March of 2020. I always loved this notion of Spring cleaning. After months of the dreary winter and being inside - there is nothing like opening up the windows and letting fresh air in the house. I think when we open up all the windows and with longer days, we literally see the dust and dirt a little bit better to spark a need to clean. When it comes to our own beings, how often are we opening up the windows and taking a good look at the corners and crevices of ourselves?

Every day, week, month - I try to take a good look at myself and see what needs "cleaning."  There is always something that could use a good polishing. Just the other day, I realized my road rage needed to be cleaned up as the traffic starts to increase again.

We all have our "stuff" that builds up, creates clutter and needs to be cleaned up from time to time. When we roll our sleeves up and do the dirty work, that is when we grow. That is when we bloom. We don't need to wait for a special date or time of year to do this tough work...starting on Monday should not be an option. We need to start right now and as we usually tell ourselves when it comes to cleaning, we need to do it consistently and stay on top of it - so it doesn't pile up and get unapproachable or discourage us. 

It is Spring, it is a great time to let the light shine in on ourselves, spruce up a few things a bit and let yourself bloom. 




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