"LIFE/WORK Balance" Weekly Wisdom


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How are you doing with LIFE/WORK balance?

See what I did there?  We usually refer to it as work/life balance - always putting the "work" part first. But what if...what if we put LIFE first, then work?

I have always kind of struggled with putting work before life. I would let the schedule of work rule my life schedule. Do the work things first, then I can do the life things. I cannot count the times the work things would take much more time than planned and life things would get put on the back burner or just not done at all. 

There is no magical plan for what will be a life/work balance for you. This month, I am trying something new and approaching it as a bookend with my daily joy. I schedule a life event at the start of my day, then my work items and then end my day with my joy. For the last couple weeks, I am finding I look forward to what my life event will be for the day and making sure it happens. So far, it has been things like read a chapter in my book, watch a show I have added to my list on Netflix, visit my Mom, a group workout and coffee with co-workers, plant my pots for the summer, visit my girlfriends, plan a vacation and get a pedicure. 

We should schedule events for our life like we do for our work - just in case we are not truly taking the time to experience more life balanced with work. 



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