"Don't Make it a Thing" Weekly Wisdom


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Do you make things a bigger deal than they are?

I do, but a lot less than I used to. I use to get something in my head and let it manifest into a crazy, sad and dark place. Maybe that lends to being in my 20s and 30s when I was experiencing a lot of adulting firsts and not really knowing how to handle major life things. They were nothing like the pimple I got on my chin before the Homecoming dance or getting a C+ on my calculus test. 

I am getting better about really processing thoughts before they head to that dark place or to a place of complete thought consumption. However, I have my moments when I get a little derailed. The other night, I was looking at my midsection and thinking to myself, I should get a tummy tuck. I shared it later with my friend and he was like "sure, if you want to do that but why are you making it a thing - YOU are the one making it a thing, otherwise it really isn't a thing." 

I let that sink in for a moment and realized, I AM the one making it a thing. He, nor anyone else would look at me and think "oh she should probably get a tummy tuck." Now I am not saying you or anyone else should not do what makes you feel better or good about yourself, I always support anything people want to do for themselves. However, I really let what he said to me sink in. So much of what we personally focus on about ourselves always seem to be flaws in our looks. Not flaws in our character, views or ideals. We make more of a thing about those physical flaws than looking the other flaws that probably do need some fixing. 

The next time I get hung up on the flaws in my hair, my skin, my cellulite or my tummy - I am going to deflect, not make it a thing and look at something else a little more deeper I could be working on. I think that's the kind of work that will more more impressive and long term than sculpting a flat tummy. 



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