"Keep Smiling" Weekly Wisdom


"Keep Smiling" Weekly Wisdom

How old were you when you lost your first tooth and did the tooth fairy come?

This past weekend, I was at a BBQ with some friends and one of their kiddos had just lost their first tooth and was getting ready to lose their 2nd. Dad was sharing how the first tooth got a $20 bill and he didn't realize how quickly this could all add up.  I would have fell over if I had gotten a $20 bill at 7 years old. 

I don't quite remember how old I was when I lost my first tooth, but I clearly remember when I lost my last. Fun fact for you all, I have held onto 4 baby teeth all the way until just recently. I knew I had them, but was reassured they were strong and I should hang onto them as long as I could. That all changed as the lovely decade of the big 4-0 approached and the first one bit the dust. Over the past couple years, I have slowly lost them one by one with my last one being pulled this week. AND I am still waiting for the tooth fairy to leave those $20's under my pillow. I'm looking at you Ruthie....

This whole process has made me realize how important it is to smile. Even when you don't feel like smiling. Just do it. First of all, it makes you feel happier, instantly. Secondly, no matter who you share your smile with, you are going to change the way they feel - even it is for a couple seconds. How can you lose?  A smile is priceless and it is free to do. I didn't realize how much I miss smiling when my mouth is numb or I am missing a tooth. It really changes my whole day when I feel those positive vibes across my mouth. 

Whatever you do today, choose to smile, all day and every day. You never know when you might not be able to share that special grin of those pearly whites with the world. 



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