"Essential" Weekly Wisdom

Written definition of the word essential in black writing with a polka dot background

What do you deem "essential?"

I have thought a lot about this word and definition a lot over the past 3 weeks. I have never thought about a word or definition that long in my entire life. I don't think anyone has. But have you really thought about what is essential in your life?

I am an essential worker right now. I am also an essential daughter and friend. My mom is an essential human in my life, so are my other heartbeats. In the terms of human life, that is what essential means to me. 

But then there are things, things we "think" are essential but really they are not. Pringles are not essential. Easter candy is not essential. Getting my nails and hair done is not essential. Going to movies, walking around a mall, gambling - those are not essential. And I can't believe I am going to say this, but Netflix is not essential. 

As I have been thinking of what I would deem essential outside of humans in my life, I am struggling with it. I have come accustomed to a way of life and have always thought everything I need (or do I just want it) would be right at my fingertips. This situation is an incredible hard slap in the face of reality. Nothing is every guaranteed in our lives, even people or things I have determined to be essential. I hope I will always have water to drink. I hope I will have food to eat. I hope I will have clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in. I hope my family and friends live forever. 

After my many days of how I could define essential in my life and that would be:  having human connection, just enough food to fuel my abilities I have been graciously given and being kind. 

Take a moment today (or 3 weeks if you need it) and create your definition. 




"Are You Bored?" Weekly Wisdom

Written quote in a graphic saying if you are bored then maybe you are boring.

Be honest, have you ever said "you are bored?"

I might internalize a tiny little scream each time I see someone saying they are bored or are having a hard time with finding things to do during this quarantine time. If you are counting the days, you are doing it all wrong. You're not seeing the opportunity in this time to do things you never seem to find the time to do. This time is a gift! Think of all the people who are not getting to stay home or work from home. Take that thought in for a moment. 

How many times in the past have you been concerned with your ability to find the time to read that book, or write that short story or fix a project in your home?  How many times did you wish you had more time with your special someone to talk, have dinner with your family, get that workout in, spend time with your kids or even just take a nap?  Now is the time. There is no reason to be putting anything off. There is no reason for counting the days of being indoors and not doing your best to make the most of it. 

Thank you for doing your part by staying home. Thank you for not going on unnecessary outings. Thank you for not hoarding food and supplies. Thank you for keeping your distance between other humans. Thank you for NEVER saying you are bored. 

If you feel this phrase creep up to your lips, take a moment to check in with yourself and ask "am I boring?" and remind yourself you are not. 




"Are Your Commitments Bringing You Joy? Weekly Wisdom

"Are Your Commitments Bringing You Joy? Weekly Wisdom

Share with me one thing you have been doing in your daily life you have realized 
does not bring you joy. 

Thank you to my friend Haley for bringing up this very important topic. 

Never before in our entire lives have we experienced anything like this. It has made us stop everything we do on a regular basis. Most of these things, we just did unconsciously. We can honestly do anything we want at any time as we have turned into "on-demand" people. If I want a chocolate covered potato chip, I could probably find one at 11:50 pm. Need some toothpaste at 7 am, not a problem. There is no need to plan or buy a back-up of anything just-in-case.  Go to the coffee shop to work and sip. Book a last minute flight for a weekend getaway, no problem!  Head to a movie on a rainy afternoon or catch a baseball game with the family because you have nothing to do on a weekend, sounds good. 

Until now. 

Right now is the perfect time to really evaluate everything you are doing in your life. Make a list of all the things that have been stopped in your daily schedule on the left side of a piece of paper and to the right of that activity right yes or no for if it brings you joy. If is it a no, then my vote is to stop doing it. Have everyone in your family do it. Maybe your kids are not loving the select basketball team they are playing on. Maybe your spouse does not enjoy getting together with the neighbors. Maybe going to the grocery store every night to grab something for dinner is wearing you out. 

Get some life back and get some joy back.