"2020 Podcast Proud" Weekly Wisdom


Inspiration quote in black letters with a white background with grey polka dots saying "sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation" by Amadeus Wolfe

What is your proudest moment of 2020?

I am always in favor of tooting other peoples horns for them. I think it is so important to sing the praises of others when they struggle to do it for themselves. I am always on the lookout for those doing great things silently behind the scenes and bring them to the spotlight. I also believe in being proud of things I have done and not being scared to share it with the world. I am not going to let fear control what I feel others will think of me if I share my success. 

This week, I hit a crazy, insane and proud moment. 4 years ago, I started a podcast. I started it because of encouragement from a great friend, desire to share the journeys and passions of other registered dietitians and to build a community of connections through conversations. I didn't have a lot of faith in myself when I started. Who would want to talk with me? Who would want to listen to my podcast in a sea of other podcasts?  How stupid will I sound?  Why would anyone care about my podcast?

I didn't think I would last a year.

And here I am today, standing in my best wonder woman pose, reaching episode 200 this week. 200 conversations and connections I am proud of (even if some of those are just with me and my listeners), 200 lessons of learning how to cultivate something I started from the ground up - of course with a little help along the way.

There is nothing more special than being in the moment with someone, listening and learning about their experiences. Which is why I will keep going, maybe selfishly to make those connections with others I am beyond lucky to meet. Even if no one else is listening, I get the opportunity to be in the presence of a human who is doing great things and I get to share it with the world. 

This is my greatest adventure, one I proud of and looking forward to what is to come. 




"2020 Lessons" Weekly Wisdom


What have you learned in 2020?

2020 has been a year...

I hope you are taking time to reflect as the end is coming soon to the year. I hope you learned a few things about yourself. I hope you did something you always wanted to do but never had time. I also hope the end of the year is going to be positive and full of joy...because there is just no other way to think about it. 

I have realized a variety of different things over the course of 2020 but one theme that sticks out to me is "thinking about doing something and then never doing it." I think of how many times I said I was going to do something but never followed through. Was it because of time?  Was it because I was scared?  Was it because I was lazy? 

I don't want to feel the "could've- should've-would've" vibes this next year.  You know the feeling. Like a deep little pit in your stomach, reminding you there was an opportunity, but you ignored it. Similar to being asked if you want to see the dessert menu, really wanting dessert and then not ordering it. 

From now on, I will always order dessert and will mostly likely eat it before the meal. 




"Being a Family" Weekly Wisdom


Who are some of your favorite family members?

Each year around the holidays, I always reflect a lot about family. As a younger girl, I used to think family were those people you are related to. I did not know any better, those were the humans I spent most of my time with outside of my Dad, Mom and sister. Until I got older and realized sometimes relatives are an obligation and not really "family."  What do I mean by an obligation?  I mean that blood relatives are people I am to respect as part of my ancestry, because without them, I would not be here. 

But that doesn't mean I have to like them. 

Everyone has their shit. I know this. Things and people happen to each of us during our lifetime that changes who we are and the path we lead. How we handle those happenings, that's the tricky part. Is it going to be positive or negative?  Are you going to grow or stay stagnate?  Are you going to harden or stay kind?  Are you going to lose sight of the life you truly want to live and be remembered for?

What I believed as a younger girl about family completely changed once I realized how some of my family deals with their "shit." Their behavior is stronger and more influential than any drop of blood we share. I have subscribed and unsubscribed to some of my family's behavior - and I have never looked back. I am very grateful for those I am related to by blood who are in my life and I have welcomed in many family members who I do not share any blood with - all of them are my people, my family, my heartbeats. 

Be part of a family you are proud of and if you are not, it is never too late to create one. And you don't have to subscribe to anyone's shit, they have to live with it, not you.