"Just Put Some Hummus On It" Weekly Wisdom


Funny Quote in black letters saying Just Put Some Hummus On It

If you had to choose one condiment to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Were you one of those kids that would eat anything as long as ketchup was involved?  I could honestly eat anything as long as I had a glass of milk to wash it down.  You could tell by the size of my glass of milk if I liked what was for dinner. Small glass, good eats. Large glass, probably a vegetable I was concerned about. Now as an adult, I have steered more toward condiments with hummus being at the top of my list. Everything is better with hummus.

If things could be as simple as adding ketchup, milk or hummus to make things in life seem a little more tolerable - I would be all for it. The curveballs that get thrown at us, deadlines causing us anxiety, a task we do not enjoy doing or a social gathering we would prefer no to attend, if only a simple condiment could make it all tolerable.  

When you are in a situation that you wish was not happening, how can you metaphorically "put hummus on it?"  What will make it easier for you to find some joy in the situation? Because there will always be things in life we need to put a little hummus or ketchup on - what will be your life condiment of choice? 



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