"Never Be Afraid" Weekly Wisdom

"Never Be Afraid to Start Over" in black letters with a grey polka dot background inspirational quote.

Was there a time something ended in your life and you had to start over?

Endings of meaningful things in your life are hard. There is always a chance things will end:  friendships, relationships, life, jobs, awesome vacations, even luck. When I think of things that have ended it my life, sometimes I am soooo glad they ended and then there are some where I am sad they ended. Sometimes we have a choice and sometimes we do not. 

The biggest thing to remember is to not be afraid to start over. 

If it wasn't your choice, if it broke your heart, if it was something or someone you loved, if it was something you have always done...you can start over. You can learn from your endings and let yourself have new beginnings. There is a reason for the change, you're the reason. We never learn anything from our comfort zones. Perseverance prevails when you grow and find strength in what knocks you for a loop.

I hope you find the strength from what "encourages" you to start over. You never know all the possibilities unless you let yourself be a little afraid, dust yourself off and be open to all the things in the world awaiting you. 



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  1. I needed to read that today. Thank you for sharing it. Also, why are you up at 3 am? Get some sleep!