“Don’t Yuck My Yum” Weekly Wisdom

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How many times have you said something negative about food?

I love food and I know I have said "yuck" numerous times in my life. It wasn't until I started doing a nutrition program for elementary children called "Pick A Better Snack" did I realize this is a really ugly word. Each month during the school year, I go into a local elementary school and discuss a certain fruit or vegetable with all classes grade K through 3rd. I talk about the origins of the produce item, how to choose and use, the health benefits and show the kiddos what it looks like. Then we get to taste the item. I talk with them about not using words like "ew, gross and yuck" because those are negative words and may discourage our school friends not to try it a new yummy and delicious food. 

This has made me realize, I need to stop using these words too - especially as adults. 

How can we expect kids and adults and all people to explore new foods if dietitians use such negative words surrounding food?

Everyone has different taste buds and different food experiences. As a dietitian, I have my own food preferences but I also realize I need to retry many foods I used to say "yuck" to and be mindful of pushing my own food opinions onto others. Because someones yuck may be someones yum and vice versa. 

It doesn't matter what age you are, toss out the word yuck - and embrace a little more yum in your life. 



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