"The Last Words of 2019" Weekly Wisdom.

The Last Words of 2019 Weekly Wisdom

Reflecting on this past year, what 3 words come to mind?

As the year is winding down and we all set sail on the journey of reviewing our past year, how would you sum it up?  These were not the first 3 words coming to my mind when I was thinking about 2019. More traditional reflection words came to mind first like gratitude and hope but those words didn't define my past year very well. This second set is much more on point. 

Heartbeats. They have a wingspan covering a lot of miles. I am fortunate to have amazing family, especially my Mom, and friends who have become family. There is nothing more meaning than people in your life who make your heart beat and feel all the feels. 

Connection. Over the past year, I have created so many connections with people I never would have if it wasn't for my podcast. There is nothing more special to me than this tiny little space I have in the airwaves that is creating the most meaningful professional and personal relationships with complete strangers. Words being exchanged between two people is a sacred space, which I hold with much value in my life. 

Yum. It has been a tasty year! Food is at the root of everything I do and find joy in. Sharing meals with family, discussing food and nutrition with clients, loving a new recipe one of my connections created, learning something new about any certain food - including the way it is grown, harvested and engineered, trying a new food, immersing into a new food culture while traveling, and drooling over beautiful food photos. 

Whatever 3 words come to mind when you look back on the past year, don't go with your first thoughts. Dig a little deeper. 

May you have the most amazing end of the year and see you all in 2020!



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