"Time to Pause" Weekly WIsdom

Time to Pause Weekly Wisdom

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by everything going on in your life?

I don't even mean in a bad way, you just have soooo many things going on?  The other day, I was in my kitchen. My phone was ringing, I had a bag of trash in one hand, and a few bottles to recycle in the other. My doorbell was ringing and my fire alarms were going off because whatever I was cooking in the oven was burning. I literally walked in a circle, not knowing which thing to attend to first. That's when I knew, it was seriously time to pause. 

I am in awe of all the humans juggling a variety of things in their lives:  jobs, spouses, parenting to kids and/or furbabies, health issues, other family members, cooking, cleaning, volunteering...you get the idea. The calendars are full, reminders constantly going off on our phones and not a lot of time to be quiet. 

We have too much shit going on in our lives. 

No one gets a big award for the extra hustle in life. No one really gets recognized for having 70 different activities planned for your family at the end of the week. No one really likes to barely get 6 hours of sleep a night because they are busy. I honestly wouldn't believe you if you said you did like it all. There is more to life than going to the hot chocolate with Santa at the library or the free burrito at Chipotle while trying to buy presents for 50 of your closest family and friends. 

This is just a holiday example but what about outside of this time of year. Are you still filling your life with a bunch of unfullfilling stuff?  This is your gut check before the new year starts. 

Slow the F down. 

Put value on your time and the people in your life. Stop emphasizing the importance of activities, events and "stuff" and try to slow down a bit when you recognize it is getting out of control. Because my friend, you know when it begins to tailspin and you can't and don't want to do "all the things." Moments like mine, when you're standing in your kitchen, alarms and doorbells going off with trash in your hand. If you don't know which way to go, don't be a hero and just hit pause. 



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