What is the Difference Between Want and Need? Weekly Wisdom

How do you decipher between want and need? Weekly Wisdom

How do you decipher between want and need? 

When I was thinking about this post today, I realized what a brat I am sometimes. I really do not need anything. I do not even think I really know what it is to need something, especially when it comes to material things. My desires mostly always stem from wanting.

But what if we make the mind shift to more of needing but with substance?

Instead of wanting more material things, thinking about more of what is missing in your life. Are you in need of more affection?  More listening and understanding?  Are you in need of boundaries with certain people in your life? Is there a need for more self care and less stretching yourself thin?  Is there a need to say "no" more often?

It is always easy to push aside the hard things to talk about, the things you truly need in your life. It is not a new sweater and another pair of shoes. It is the deep down in our soul stuff. I know I find it difficult sometimes to tell people who are close to me when I truly need something from them. It is hard for me to articulate because I should be able to do this life on my own right?  Totally wrong. 

No one wants to grind it out until the day they die.  If you want to make the switch from always wanting to articulate what you are needing, you must start talking and sharing those feelings. Only you can change your definition and direction. 

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