Does Vacation Recharge or Drain You? Weekly Wisdom

Does Vacation Recharge or Drain You? Weekly Wisdom

When you get back from vacation are you recharged or drained?

I really do enjoy traveling but sometimes when I get back and regular life starts again, it totally feels like folding a fitted sheet. Who is with me?  Going away to a difference place is great. You get a break from your to-do list, don't have to clean your bathroom, drink cocktails for breakfast...ya know the usual. And then you return, back to your to-do list and having to do all the things. 

It can be a royal pain in the ass to come back from vacation sometimes. 

I know exactly when I am going to feel like this too. It is usually when there are a lot of things on the schedule before I leave and after I return home and when I mix a little work with pleasure. I usually do them both and I always regret it. This is my current challenge to really enjoying travel for me. 

I will always make the argument that we do not get enough vacation time in the United States, which is why we have so many pressures to taking time off. I think especially for women we have such an ingrained guilt to leaving people or things for time to ourselves. And if we do leave, we don't sleep for 3 nights before we leave trying to tie up all of our loose ends at home and work. 

If you have every felt this way about going on vacation or taking time off, join me in my challenge to knock it off!  We should never feel more frazzled upon return from taking care of ourselves and recharging our souls. Screw the fitted sheet and just throw it in the closet. 

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