5 Nutrition Noshes and Wisdom Wednesday

Nosh One. Wisdom.

The daily grind. It's the same thing every day. Wake-up to our alarm, attempt to shower with your eyes open, get dressed, grab something to eat on the way to work, work, go home, eat dinner and sleep. Repeat x5 or 6 or 7 more times each week. Do you ever ask yourself "is this it?"  Or do you wake up each day and you are grateful for another day of opportunity?  I used to ask myself, is this it? and it was depressing. I was going about it all wrong. I needed to change my perspective and think of work and life in a completely different way. I am not meant to work, pay bills and die. I am meant to help people, change lives, make someone smile, see the sun shine, go on adventures. I am lucky to be able to wake up each day to a snazzy tune from one of my favorite musicians as my alarm on my phone goes off, take a warm shower and eat breakfast in my beautiful home, go to work at a job I love, afford a healthful meal for dinner and sleep in the comfiest bed with the pretty white sheets. 
That is what I a meant to do and that is what I am grateful for. 

Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation. 

The Story, Journey and Passion of Ashley Pringle, RD-to-Be

My conversation today is with RD-to-Be, Ashley Pringle. I wanted to have a conversation with Ashley, because she went on a trip with a friend to India and decided to go back to school to help people by being a registered dietitian after working in the business world as an HR recruiter. She reveals her perspective on going back to school, the internship application process and where she see’s herself practicing. Not only is she waiting for her internship match, she is getting married in 6 weeks. I am excited to share her journey and her perspective as an RD-to-Be.

 Nosh Three. Week in Review

This past week, I was fortunate to be a speaker at the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This group of registered dietitians are such a cohesive and supportive group of each other. They had a great line up of speakers, including one of my favorites and fellow Dairy Nutrition Communicator with Midwest Dairy Council, Melissa Joy Dobbins

I met some wonderful people, including two amazing ladies who went back to school in the prime of their lives and are finishing up their internships, a registered dietitian who has been working and pioneering our field for 60 years (which totally brought tears to my eyes) and reconnecting with a a familiar face from past. Such an awesome opportunity to close the conference with my presentation. 

After resting up, I decided to spend a day in Boise!  Since my day would be short, this trip I focused on downtown and food. (Next time I am will do some hiking and hitting up a hot spring)!

First stop was Guru Donuts where there motto is "We make donuts holey!" to indulge in made-from- scratch and with love The Girl Scout yeast donut and a latte. It was delicious and reminded me of a Caramel Delite (as we Iowans call them). I did grab their signature Hipsterberry (the signature glaze made with blueberries, blackberries and organic lavender) for a snack later. It was really good, btw. 

To prevent my donut and latte coma, I hit the pavement to check out downtown. Downtown is easy to walk around and see everything you want. I had just missed the Farmers Market that is held each Saturday but had a chance to walk around the Capitol Building. It is a gorgeous building and the park across the street was full of blooming flowers and trees. At the top of the stairs you can see for miles and have your own personal Rocky moment. 

Downtown Boise has a lot of cool and unique shops, but this particular one caught my eye. Wear Boise is an adorable little shop has all things Boise and the shirt in the front window made me laugh! We could easily have this shirt made in Iowa and just circle our state. Reminded me of Raygun

After awhile of shopping and walking, I got thirsty!  So I was drawn to this sign and took a right. Down 8th Street are a multitude of restaurants and bars. It was really hard to choose one because all of the menus looked great. 

I decided on the restaurant right around the corner, Fork. The cocktail menu just spoke to me!  They have a beautiful variety of craft cocktails, so I started off with the Summer Time because of the passion fruit puree, honey and basil. It wasn't too sweet and I loved it as my "linner" cocktail of choice.

After looking at a lot of menus and shopping, I noticed a theme of things being made with Huckleberries. Thank goodness for smartphones for me to realize that Huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho. You can find jam, candies and cocktails. Fork had a drink called the Huckleberry Gemini and it was a little sweet and tangy. Great second choice. 

Then it was time. I was in Idaho after all, so I had to have something with potatoes. Fork is a farm-to-table American restaurant with a variety of local farmer's products on their menu. There were many menu choices that were hard to pass by like the Tomato Basil Fondue and Grilled Cheese made with local cheese and Zeppole Bakery bread, Asparagus "Fries", Grilled Artichoke, House Banh Mi and the Artichoke Heart and Ricotta Ravioli. So I decided to just go with a classic, the Urban Burger (made with Wagyu beef) and Parmesan fries. I added Ballard Family Farms white cheddar (because who doesn't love cheese from a local dairy farm?) and an onion ring for good measure. It was one of the best burgers I have had dining out and the fries, well for some reason they tasted better than anything I have had in "Iowa."  I couldn't finish it all and it made me sad, but it will be great to try again upon my hot spring and hiking adventure. 

Nosh Four. Weekly Playlist. 

Made this playlist for my trip to Idaho. For some reason, these songs remind me of this beautiful place. It was great to listen to while I was downtown on my adventure!

Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now. 

This bracelet!  This is what I love right now and will love forever!  This was given to me by a new friend and fellow Registered Dietitian, Amanda. Her and I have connected over a variety of things but joy, that is my favorite. I wore this beautiful gift while I have been on the road traveling and presenting, as well as every day. It is the perfect, precious reminder to always choose joy. It helps me change my perspective if I happen to be hanging on the negative side and it also reminds me what special and wonderful people are out there in this world. So glad joy connected Amanda and I.