5 Nutrition Noshes and Food Hangover Wisdom Wednesday

Nosh One. Wisdom. 

Hungry. Cravings. Food. More. Now
There are days all I want to do is eat the house down. It is usually after a holiday where I eat anything  and everything I want with wild abandon. Then the next day....my body pays for it. 
It is in food hangover mode. It is sleepy, exhausted, lethargic. My brain is fuzzy, I cannot focus. My pants are tight, my socks are cutting off the circulation in my legs and ankles, a new pimple has decided to pay my chin a visit and my thirst cannot be conquered. 
I could give 2 shits what the scale says after a day of eating like this. It is all about the way I feel. I feel horrible and my body is doing everything to process the caloric, sugar and fat madness boxing it out inside my body. Then there is my appetite, it is raging out of control and I want to continue the inhaling of all things made of sugar and fat deliciousness. I am a firm believer my appetite spirals when I eat an excess of any food, including fruits and vegetables. 
It is all about balance and portion size and all foods fit. Quote me on that AND please, please, pretty please hold me to it upon the next holiday.  Thank you. 

Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation.

The Story, Journey and Passion of Brian Smith, RDN, LD

My conversation today is with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Brian Smith.  I have to tell you, sitting and talking with Brian is like sitting with a friend I have known for a 100 years. He is so warm and welcoming. What I love about this conversation with Brian is that he has had multiple careers, has traveled around the world, was a star college athlete, brews his own beer, loves to cook, is raising 2 daughters after the passing of his wife and still lives a good examined life with much satisfaction. He truly embodies the definition of living his passion by being a registered dietitian. If you are someone who has found dietetics later in life, you will find a great connection with Brian. Also, if you are a student or intern, Brian is a mentor who welcomes you with open arms. I wish I would have had him in my life at the start of my dietetics adventures.

Nosh Three. Week in Review. 

This past week I flew into Indianapolis to speak at the Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting: Making A Difference.  

It was my first time to Indianapolis and it was a quick in and out. It was great to meet new dietitians again! I was surprised to learn there are more than 1400 members of IAND and 4 colleges that either offer a dietetics program and/or internship. A lot of mentoring and preceptors in Indiana! I absolutely am loving getting to know new people along my journey and maybe getting a chance to touch their lives in some way. I also got to do some podcasting with 2 new friends that I cannot wait to share with you. Registered Dietitians are doing some AHHHH-MAZZING things!  I am always blown away by my peers!  It confirms the path I chose was the right one. 

Before I boarded my plane back to Iowa, I had a few hours to catch some of the local eats in Indiana. I headed to the Broad Ripple neighborhood. There were a ton of restaurants and places to enjoy a cocktail, but Flatwater Restaurant caught my eye based on menu items and what I was hungry for!

It was a beautiful day to sit on the patio overlooking the canal. Very relaxing place to enjoy my last few hours in Indy. 

Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing, yum!
House-made hummus I could have eaten with a spoon. 
Pulled Pork Nachos
I kind of had a problem choosing one thing and I did not make it past the appetizer/salad section of the menu. So now, I will have to go back!  Everything was delicious and you can tell they made about everything in house. The Green Goddess dressing on the salad was delicious and the hummus was creamy and perfectly flavored. It was even a bigger treat to have a dill cucumber salad and kalamata olives with it. The nacho chips were made fresh too and the brisket was perfect, not to smokey and perfectly tender. I highly recommend!

Since I was traveling, I also had a lot of work to do, so I decided to host Easter at my house this year.  As I was getting things ready on Saturday night, I channeled my Dad and decided to dye eggs. Something I never did when I was younger because my Dad and sister always did it for the family. I had no idea how to even do it, so thank goodness for McCormick's dye and easy directions. 

The finished project!  I even had a white crayon for adding decor!

I decided to fancy up my table with beautiful glass chargers my sweet cousin Christine gave to me that matches my polka dots and dots on my glasses and dishes. The Easter Bunny brought my guests a Lindt Gold Bunny and a snack container of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter for dipping (I still haven't eaten mine, but I know he will be whispering to me tonight). 

Ham and fresh asparagus make a pretty presentation. 
Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and fresh rosemary
Hy-Vee Seasons Magazine saved the day and gave me some great and easy recipes for Easter dinner. Thank goodness!  I did not have much time to plan and it was easy to grab the magazine and shop right from there in-store. 

My Gramma Alice celebrated 91 years of life this past Friday, so it seemed only fitting to have her favorite pie, sing Happy Birthday and make wishes. My mom also brought her delectable caramel pecan cinnamon rolls (with golden raisins! Yipee!) that I have mentioned before. So I had to have a little of each. It was a great, relaxing day!

Too much sugar?  Nah.
Love these two beauties. 
Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week. 

Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now.

While I was in Utah, I met Registered Dietitian Brianna Rhodes, who love to cook and entertain as well as being a wife and a mother of 3 kiddos. She has started her own new adventure, her own business, RD and Me Nutrition.  She enjoys one-on-one counseling and takes clients to help them make real lifestyle changes with the help of her coaching and expertise. You must go check out her blog!  She shares easy and delicious recipes in her blog with mouth-watering photos of her food creations.  You can sign up for her blog, Confessions of a Dietitian, and never miss a recipe. This is a picture of her Cran-Apple Chicken Salad. I love her passion: "teaching you that nutrition is simple and to get back to basic, healthy and happy eating." I have made a couple of her recipes, including this one, her Asian Lettuce Wraps & Chow Mein and her Greek Meatballs & Couscous. All of them are soooo easy, delicious and healthy. What is also SOOO GREAT is she includes the nutrition label for each recipe. Give her some love and yourself some love by going to her website to make some of her recipes. I know I will be visiting often!