5 Nutrition Noshes and Wisdom Wednesday

Nosh One. Wisdom.

Photo credit to my new friend and Registered Dietitian Karlee Adams on Instagram
Do you have this innate desire to make everyone happy like me?  This is something I have struggled with my entire life and it makes me sad I have done this for so long.  I would drive myself psychotically bonkers trying to be everything to everyone. Within in the past 3 years, I have LET. THAT. SHIT. GO. I am not a pizza. I cannot make everyone happy.  But I most definitely can make myself happy. Yes, me. Not anyone or anything else. Me. When I take care of me and all the atoms that compose this pretty awesome person, then I can share with others my happy. When I am radiating happy and when I have contagious happy, my tribe picks up on those vibes and in return are happier as well.  Take care of yourself, make yourself happy, "do" for you. When you can 100% do this, then you will naturally stop trying to be the pizza and instead you devour the pizza happily with others. 
Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation.

The Story, Journey and Passion of Susan L. Roberts JD, MS, RD

My conversation today is with Registered Dietitian Susan Roberts. Susan has been a pioneer in a variety of professional settings by creating her outstanding professional path. During college, she discovered her appreciation and passion for landscape architecture and agriculture blended well with becoming a registered dietitian. In the middle of her career, Susan went to law school to have the opportunity to influence food policy as a JD and RD.  In our conversation, she shares her passion for research, sustainable food systems, owning a private practice, advocacy and policy, childhood obesity, her joy of gardening and cooking, as well as working with the Let’s Move Campaign and the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Nosh Three. Week in Review. 

Why is it when we get older, time just flies by. I never thought I would ever say this, but it does. I am really enjoying starting my week off with flowers. There is something sweet and special about starting off your day seeing something that radiates happy.

Cocina Mexicana Hy-Vee 4th and Court Avenue, Downtown Des Moines, Iowa

I met my friend Nate and his wife for lunch at the new Hy-Vee in downtown Des Moines for great conversation. I also wanted to see the new store, get some goodies (loose tea and spices were on my list), try a few new things and experience lunch. With so many unique options unlike any other Hy-Vee from Hibachi, Italian, Deli and soup/salad combos, I reluctantly passed by the smoothie station (I will save that for a snack sometime, I was really hungry) and stopped at the Cocina Mexicana. I am very glad I did. 

Made-to-Order Burrito Bowl
Why I loved these eats is because of the variety of fresh options. And I love anything that resembles or tastes like Mexican food. I could eat it every day, not kidding. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a burrito, burrito bowl, street tacos or quesadilla made for you. There are 4 protein options:  Pollo Asado, Beef Barbacoa, Pork Carnita and Vegan Tofu Chorizo. There are a vast variety of toppings from black or pinto beans, cilantro or chili lime rice, salsas, fresh cilantro (YES!), avocado or guac, Monterey cheddar or Chihuahua cheese and fresh chips. The key word at the Cocina Mexicana is FRESH. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I had a burrito bowl with cilantro rice, beef barbacoa, fresh romaine lettuce, lots of fresh pico, fresh cilantro, guac, Chihuahua cheese and a berry La Croix. I couldn't stop eating my lunch but there was so much food for less than $6, so half of it went home with me for dinner. I will be going back and it will be fun to try a different combination full of color and flavor.

I was hungry for pasta and Italian food this past week and got inspired by new products I saw in the grocery store to try a new recipe.  I had some Jennie-O Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey in the freezer and some leftover red onion. McCormick Seasonings have come out with Organic blends and I was intrigued by the Italian Seasonings with Flaxseed. This would be a perfect addition to meatballs.

I mixed 1 pound of the ground turkey with 1 egg, 1/4 cup chopped red onion, 1 tablespoon of McCormick's Italian Seasoning and Flaxseed blend, and 1/4 cup of Aleia's tasty Italian breadcrumbs I had in my pantry. 

I sculpted these tasty bites into 12 nice sized meatballs, placed on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and popped them in the 350 degree oven for about 18 minutes. 

Meanwhile, I got busy preparing my "noodles."  These sweet potato noodles by Nora and Ashley's Veggie Plates (made right here in the Midwest) caught my eye in the grocery store. Zucchini, beet and butternut squash varieties are also available, but I am always a sucker for sweet potatoes. I have a spiralizer and have done my own sweet potato noodles, but it was a busy week and I needed the extra time.

I added a little olive oil to a skillet heated to medium and placed the whole container of noodles into the pan to warm them. I don't recommend moving them around to much because they will break easily on you. To cook, you will want to give them about 10-12 minutes, flipping once during that time. I like mine a little toasty and browned, so I let them cook for about 15 minutes. 

I then added a jar of prepare tomato pasta sauce and let it warm for about 3 minutes. 

I topped the pasta with 3 meatballs, freshly grated parmigiano reggiano and fresh basil. It satisfied my pasta desires and was very filling. I was not able to finish my plate, so half the noodles and meetings went to work for lunch the next day. 

Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week.

You may have wondered why I share my workout playlist. I am motivated by music, all the time. From writing, to cleaning to exercise. Just like my food, my palate changes each week. I also like to keep my workouts efficient and effective, so 30 minutes or less for this girl, which is the length of my playlist.   I would love for anyone to share with me their playlists. I love new and different music, send it my way!  anneelizabethrd@gmail.com

Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now.

This girl. I love her all this time but this past weekend, I got to spend some precious and rejuvenating time with her. Carlena is my frista. The bestest friend a girl could have. She makes me laugh, she make things easy, she has the biggest heart and loves more than anyone I know. She is a great mom and wife. She is just awesome. Life is busy lately for both of us but we still make time to reconnect about once a month. Each time we get together, it is like we pick up right where we left off. She makes my heart and life full, I am so thankful for her. 

Blatt Beer & Table (try the Border Burger!!!!)
Nothing beats a weekend of burgers with your bestie.