National Nutrition Month Wisdom Wednesday

Happy National Nutrition Month!  Every March, every Registered Dietitian I know, gets a little excited there is a whole month dedicated to what we are beyond passionate about: nutrition. I love nutrition. No seriously. I am not kidding.  I think it is mind-blowing how food is the fuel our bodies use for EVERYTHING!  When you are eating an apple, did you ever stop and think about how you are consuming the antioxidant Vitamin C and it is protecting your cells to help lower your risk of chronic disease? Or how Vitamin C plays a role is making collagen to aid in wound healing (hello paper cut) and to keep your skin healthy? This is exactly why I became a registered dietitian. I want to spread the message of all things wonderful about food and your health in the preventative stages, starting at birth. 

This month, I also sincerely want to celebrate my favorite people. Registered Dietitians are the most awesome professionals I know. I am inspired constantly of the intelligence, passion, devotion and purpose of my peers. This is why I wrote my book, this is why I do my podcast. I want to celebrate our profession and these kick-ass professionals. I want the world to recognize the importance of THE nutrition experts.  It is the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. If you know one, give them some praise this month and especially next week on March 8th. It is their day and they are 100% worthy of a little celebration. 

Weekly Conversation

My conversation this week is with Jenny Norgaard, RD, LD

Jenny and I go way back to meeting each other during our internship and have shared many great experiences we still discuss and laugh about today, as well as a lifelong friendship.  She initially was going to go into nursing and decided after a conversation with a registered dietitian in her hometown, she was hooked. After experiencing a variety of careers in the dietetics field, Jenny currently feels at home and is very passionate about the preventative side of health and wellness.

Week in Review
Since I was away from home for a few days last week, gangster kitty missed me a little bit. I have been home for about a week now and she has finally stopped meowing constantly and feels comfortable leaving my side. Last week, not so much.

I enjoyed this moment of her softly laying her head on my arm and dreaming. Her little kitten paws were curling up and she was purring so it must have been a pretty stellar dream.

Now only if she would just quit shedding!!!!!

Last year, I was telling a co-worker that I would rather receive a bouquet of basil than a bouquet of flowers. I am pretty much basil's #1 fan and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

When I arrived at work last week, I have a lovely "Bouquasil" sitting on my desk, with yummy container of pesto and birthday card. My co-worker remembered. Complete kindness.

Let's just say, I have been eating it all week and it is almost gone. I made these fancy pizza's Monday with goat cheese and tomato sauce.

Workout Playlist of the Week

I am so excited for spring and had to put together a motivating March Playlist.

Listen to "In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb" Workout Playlist of the Week by Anne Elizabeth on Apple Music

What I Love Right Now

If you want to make a great tasting, quick and healthier pizza at home, you should give Golden Homes Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts a try. They have 2-3 packs of family and personal sizes which will accommodate anyone who is in need of a pizza fix. Thank goodness I had some in the freezer for my "bouqasil" bonanza!  Whole wheat, whole grain and protein options are available as well. I am a huge fan of the protein crusts. They get really crispy in less than 12 minutes and can hold a lot of toppings (my test for any pizza crust).

At Thanksgiving last year, I learned all about a supplement that every woman in my family was taking. How did I not know about this?  Collagen. I know I have been losing it rapidly when I gander into the mirror every morning and see my temples sinking in and my laugh lines, but I did not know you could help decrease the loss of it by using it daily. Not only is our skin made up of collagen but so are our nails, hair, joints and bones. This seems like a no-brainer!

It is available in pill form and in a powder. After much research, I opted for the powder. When you are looking for a collagen supplement, it is recommend for >3000 mg of both Type 1 & 3. I chose this one from Neocell.

Mix well with water and drink on an empty stomach and do not take with other protein-rich foods, because they will compete for absorption. It is tasteless so I have no problem drinking this at all!

I have only done this consistently for 3 weeks, so I will report back in 3 months to see if I notice a different. I would love a little less knee pain when I run as well as thicker hair and smoother skin. Can you help me with that collagen?  Please?!?!?! Thank you in advance!