Registered Dietitian Day Wisdom Wednesday!

National Registered Dietitian Day. I never thought this day would exist back in 1997 when I decided that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am so happy it does.  Registered Dietitians (RD's) are my favorite people and let me tell you why...

The individuals who enter this profession do so with abandonment. The abandonment of being selfish. The very moment they decide to make this their purpose in life, they dedicate their lives to science and giving of others.  They have one title but carry so many responsibilities. They become counselors, educators, culinary experts, problem solvers, navigators, scientists, mathematicians, investigators, insurance specialist, advocates, speakers and authors. Sadly, this is only a small representation and sadly they do not get the proper appreciation and deserved respect. Registered Dietitians do all they have in their powers to help others live the healthiest life they can through food, nutrition and science. 

The next time you have a question about nutrition, make sure to seek out THE expert. Search for a professional with the RD credentials. This RD cared about YOU enough to go through extensive schooling, training and testing to provide you with the most accurate nutrition information. They did not do some bullshit class online or have a semester of it in college and declared themselves an expert. They became the REAL nutrition expert through the required discipline and dedication to this field. 

So I ask you today, find a Registered Dietitian on this 8th of March and give them a big-ass hug for being an awesome human being. 

Weekly Conversation

My conversation today is with Anita Turczynski, RD, LD
Anita is a one of those people you meet who just radiates positivity both personally and professionally. It was interesting to know she initially majored in accounting in college. While she was navigating her future career plans and after shadowing a registered dietitian, she truly discovered her passion for nutrition. This lead her to an interest in food service nutrition and also a love for nutrition education with children in a public school system. She enjoys the variety of working in school nutrition and also seeing how nutrition education in schools really impacts nutrition at home.

Week in Review

It is always fun to see yourself published in another place besides your own blog!  This past week, I had a fun little article in the Des Moines Register about one of my favorite foods: avocados. If you are looking for something a little different than guacamole, this quick read will leave you with a fun and adventurous recipe that will tickle your taste buds. Promise!  

Then there is this amazing member of my tribe, Stacey. On March 1st, she brought a brand new human that never existed before into this world. I am in awe of my girlfriends and boss ladies who took on the craziest and hardest profession of being a mom, plus everything else they do!  I don't know if my old age has made me realize how hard it to bring a human into this world and then to raise them to be a good human.  Stacey, you are a rockstar and Finley is one lucky girl to have you as her momma.

Workout Playlist of the Week

Hell yeah it had to be food inspired for National Registered Dietitian Day!  Righteously Delicious. 

What I Love Right Now

I have decided to celebrate this past week with the perfect Registered Dietitian food. 

I am not kidding. Thanks to Hurts Donuts and Hy-Vee, I had donuts more than once this past week and I loved every bite.  No, I did not eat all of them in the pictures, I did share but this is probably why I love my job so much. I love being real. I love that my boss set a box of these donuts in front of me and I was happy to eat a chocolate glazed donut with toffee bits on it with out one worry of judgment. I love being able to tell a client who struggles with food addictions that I have mine too. We are human and it happens. We should not beat ourselves up and we should not have a bad relationship with food. When you start creating negative feelings about certain foods, it can lead to other issues which can be much harder to overcome.

I love food. I love eating food. These are 2 different sentences with 2 different meanings.

I love food for all the bizarre, sciency and intricate actions happening in our bodies after we eat. I love food because it may help prevent certain health conditions and may improve quality of life. I love food because it constantly starts conversations that matter.

I love to eat food because of how it gives me energy, endurance, brain power and strength. I love to eat food because it brings my heartbeats together at a table talking, laughing and sharing each others lives. I love food because it is art, it is a poem, it is a fond memory.  It is my mom's chocolate cake or my dad's chicken kiev.

I love food, I love eating food and I love being a Registered Dietitian.