Wisdom Wednesday

Yep, this is me! One adorable and badass babe born in February. I am pretty sure it is my favorite month because the world is splattered in glorious shades of pink and there is plethora of chocolate available everywhere. If you are like me and born in February or have someone in your life who is both adorable and badass, you are so lucky!  We are a group of people who have unique characteristics with a little bit of sass. We are original and not looking to copycat anyone.  Always expect honesty from us, no sugar coating a thing! We are very devoted friends, forever, to the very precious members of our tribe. Look for an innovative side from your Februarians, if you need help being creative or are in need for some inspiration, you know who to call. We are strong willed (my mom would emphatically agree with this trait) but tend to be reserved and quiet until we cannot hold back anymore.  And finally, my favorite adorable and badass trait, is that we love hard. We put our whole heart into people, places and things that bring complete joy into our lives. 

There is no love like the love of a badass, adorable, original, honest, innovative, strong willed and reserved babe born in February. 

Weekly Conversation

My conversation today is with Adria Huseth, RD, LD, CPT

Adria took a little different route to being a dietitian. She was not quite sure what she wanted to do in college and obtained a business degree. With strong family ties to health and the medical field, she always found the human body amazing and knew working in the medical field was in her future. After working in marketing research, she decided her love for the human body and food was her future and became a registered dietitian. In her current job with the National Pork Board, she has successfully combined business and dietetics as well as becoming a new mom and Certified Personal Trainer.

Week in Review

This babe started off the month with A LOT of food, family, friends and fun!  I got to spend some time catching up with my previous assistant Erin and her adorable and sweet daughter Grace at Wasabi Waukee. The lunch menu is huge and has such great options. I chose the seared scallops on grilled zucchini with miso sauce, paired with some pipping hot green tea. This is the same place my mom and I had sushi not to long ago and so far, everything has been delish!

New Year Celebration was early this year with my heartbeats!  My mom and cousins Christine and Denis came down for the weekend and seriously, I was completely overwhelmingly grateful for everything they did. My mom did some major hustle in the kitchen. She made my favorite snack mix, homemade muffins, homemade lasagna, a beautiful fresh salad AND, the creme de la creme, my favorite chocolate cake. I am sad I did not get pictures of this beautiful food, but since I have a few leftovers, I plan on celebrating in the near future and will share then. At almost 41 trips around the sun, I still love to be spoiled by my mom. She is too sweet to me, her strong willed child.

Christine brought fun and pretty polka dots and stripes to decorate my pad. She also made these beautifully deep red roasted tomatoes and goat cheese on toasty garlic-rubbed bread (I loved it so much I had to share the recipe below).

The next day was the big football game and I had to get some steps in to burn off some of the eats from the day before. Karlie and I hit the pavement for a walk in the sunny, brisk winter day. It was just what I needed to make more room for more food. 

I pretty much woke up and had cake and ice-cream for breakfast, snack mix for my midday snack, and then Christine whips up this. Fresh oysters, topped with a homemade compound butter and breadcrumbs, broiled in the oven. Damn. I don't know what else to say. So good.  Let's just say my pants were a little tight on Monday and it was all completely worth it!

Workout Playlist of the Week

Early New Year Celebration = major need for my Badass Babe Playlist to un-snug my pants. If you need some major workout motivation, let these songs get ya moving! Also, I included a fun song for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday for your cool down.  

What I Love Right Now

The tomato appetizer above is a must make for your next party. They are rich in flavor and pair well with goat cheese (mascarpone would be tasty too). I snapped a picture of the recipe Christine brought and just had to share. The tomatoes would be a great addition to pasta or pizza too!

For those of you gearing up to celebrate Valentines Day, this takes the top of my list of "something sweet" to give your special person or people. Ghirardelli has their milk and dark chocolate squares made special for the holiday with sweet messages embossed on white chocolate hearts in the middle. And how can you not LOVE the adorable pink packaging?