Wisdom Wednesday

There are very few people in your life who just get it. They are with you through everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. They come close when you need closeness and give you space when you need solitude. They embrace the greatness in themselves and in you, they embrace the flaws in themselves and you. It is easy to be in each other's lives.  There is not anything forced. There is only the purity of just wanting to be present. However it is defined, however is it accomplished, this is the place you need to be, with people who just get it. 

Weekly Conversation

As I have set out on a quest to meet registered dietitians, I decided I would make it a priority whenever I go to a new city, I would meet up with RD's from this location. I headed to New Orleans in October of this year and had the great opportunity to meet Dorria Amer. Dorria graciously opened up her beautiful shotgun home up to me and we had a great conversation on her comfy couch. Dorria  has had a fascinating career so far as a registered dietitian with family roots and first job out of college in California, an internship and next career moves taking place in Boston and certain events happening in her personal life leading her to her current life and career in New Orleans. Find out how owning a catering business, Hurricane Katrina and Au Bon Pain had a big part in her registered dietitian journey. Dorria lives by the mantra of "not dreading Monday" and has worked in or created jobs to fit this positive life goal. I hope you are inspired by her as much as I am. 

Week in Review

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are as fat and happy as I am!  My mom and I ventured to Omaha, NE for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with the Huebert clan. It was a warm and cozy filled house and the table was beautifully set. 

The "Adult" Table
I was head of the "Kids" table this year!
As our tables change each year, we remember the loss of our loved ones over the year. It was the second year without Dad and the first year without Kate. Even though it never gets easier with their absence, we know they are right there with us being grateful. I also know my sister was extremely present this year as the Hawkeyes kicked some Husker ass. We could hear her cheering and see her flashing her signature, satisfied smile. 

A great part of each year is the new faces that join us and add life and love to the party. These 2 little boogers are such a joy to be around. The best part is they are called Frick and Frack. That is what my sister and I were called because we were so close in age and best of friends.  It will be great to watch Ally and Lucy grow and "just get it" with each other.

I could not go without posting my favorite part of the meal and that is the traditional Aloha Bake that goes on top of the ham. This is the one time of year I eat ham (which is hand selected by my uncle) and is topped with my Aunt Polly's infamous pineapple-ly sweet goodness. There is not one thing in this dish that is dietitian approved, so it is good that dietitian Anne was not present for dinner. 

Workout Playlist of the Week

It has been a bit difficult to get my behind back in the gym, but these pants are tight!  They are also redoing my gym a bit, so that has been an interesting change. Here is my motivation for the week:  Listen to the Workout Playlist of the Week by Anne Elizabeth on Apple Music. 

What I Love Right Now

As I close this Wisdom Wednesday, what I love right now is dedicated to my friend Joe who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this week.  You are such an incredible person Joe. You have always shown the world how real and true you are by loving your family, friends and job, no matter the circumstances. You have touched so many people with your amazing being and that includes me. You are and always will be, one of those people who "just get it."