Wisdom Wednesday

This week, take time to be grateful. Take time to look at all the great things happening in your life, without wanting, without needing, without looking into the future. Look at what is happening RIGHT NOW. Never let the things you desire make you forget what you have in the present. At any moment, it could all be gone. When you are in love with your life and are grateful for all it gives you, you have everything you could possibly need. 
I am so very grateful...for everyone and everything in my life. 

Weekly Conversation

I am grateful this week for my conversation with Food Scientist (and also the wonderful editor of my book), Susan Bingaman. 

From time to time, I want to have conversations with guests who are not registered dietitians, but have a deep connection to food, nutrition and wellness. Susan is one of those fascinating guests whose lifelong passion has been the science of food. As a little girl, Susan always found herself in the kitchen with her family cooking and this passion lives on in her today. My conversation with her is about being a food scientist, working in a test kitchen and the importance of recipe development. It is a great listen for anyone who has an interest in the dedication to creating recipes with love and that taste great. 

And in the spirit of one of Susan's favorite quotes from Ina Garten:  "If someone can do something better, let them." Please enjoy my conversation with Susan

Week in Review 

This past week, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience something new and attend an evening with Henry Rollins. What I know about Henry was that he was a hard core front man for a band in the 90s and he had a cameo in Sons of Anarchy. I had no idea he is a writer, journalist, comedian radio host, has his own publishing company and tours with his spoken word in intimate speaking engagements. I was encouraged by a friend to go to his show at Hoyt Sherman in Des Moines because of his motivational and entertaining way he speaks to a crowd. I was floored because I had this idea of who he was in my mind and left knowing a completely different side of this human. He is very intelligent, well traveled and extremely motivating. I am encouraged to be extraordinary and never stop learning. If you have the opportunity, catch him on tour or check out his website for all the amazing things he does. 

I am also grateful for Arron Smith, president of the Iowa State University Student Dietetic Association, who at their meeting this past month, hosted a fun interactive quiz for the students and used my book as a prize!  Emily Lensing was the winner of the book for her essay answer on the difference in a Dietitian and a Nutritionist. Proud of Emily and all the other RD's to be at Iowa State for being a part of their student organization!

Workout Playlist of the Week

In continuing with my theme this week, I am sharing my grateful and thankful playlist.  I am so grateful I can exercise everyday.  Make sure to get your "Thanksgiving" treat at the end of the playlist!  Listen to Thankful Workout Playlist of the Week by Anne Elizabeth on Apple Music. 

 What I Love Right Now

During these short days of fall/winter (looking forward to the longer days of January), I am very grateful for a warm, caffeine tinted latte to get me through the afternoon. Around 3 pm is when I notice my need for a little pick-me-up. Latte's can be expensive and I do not have a latte budget, but I have figured out an easy way to make my own.  Make a pot of your favorite coffee. Pour 1/4 cup of low-fat milk, my favorite is Fair Life milk for extra protein, into a mason jar. Secure the lid and shake the milk for about 30 seconds. Then take the lid off the jar and microwave the foamy milk for about 45 seconds. Pour 1 cup of hot coffee into the warm milk. 

I love the latte plain but if you would like to mix it up, try this new gourmet spice blend from McCormick: Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Chia Seed seasoning. It is the perfect topper and mix in to your homemade, cozy latte. It is a great way to add a little more nutrition to your beverage and is great with oatmeal, yogurt and pancakes. The perfect spice for this time of year. 

So very grateful...