Wisdom Wednesday

We all have felt times when we have been misshapen into something we did not recognize. Maybe it was because of something that happened, maybe it was because of someone that happened. Regardless of what changed you, I hope you know how to put yourself back together into something new and into someone you are proud of. Remember to always keep yourself as the most important thing in your world and may you never feel second best to anyone or anything. You do not have to be bent or broken to fit into a world that doesn't appreciate your beautiful shape. 

Week in Review

I love to write. I love to learn new things. I love it when both of these come together!  This week, I have been doing a lot of research for an article I am writing and it was fun to dust off old books, dive into them and use them as a resource for my article. My cousin gave me a older edition of Joy of Cooking a while ago and I really thought it would just be a pretty book on my shelf I would never use. I guess I was wrong. I am also extremely luck to know Chef Stacey who is not only verbally a great resource, but she has loads of culinary books I could use too. It is thrilling to my nerdy self to see it all come together and I will be sharing it very soon!

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This weekend was my hometown church's celebration of All Saints Day/All Soul's Day and they have family members who had someone in their family pass away this past year, carry up a candle in their honor during mass. My Mom and I carried up a candle for our sweet Kate. I cannot believe it has almost been a year since we lost her. It was a lovely way to spend the day with my Mom and to be present to celebrate my sissy. Mom also decided to whip up a batch of her homemade pasta sauce with the last of the garden tomatoes. I was trying to remember the last time I had her yummy spaghetti and it had been at least 3 years. Too long!  I did snag some to take home with me and had a pretty kick ass lunch the next day. Only thing that would have made it better would be if Dad and Kate would have been there. 

Workout Playlist of the Week

This week, I decided to slow it down, so I did not feel the need to do my reps so fast. Also, I am really diggin Lady Gaga's new album Joanne after watching Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, so had to include one of songs.

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What I Love Right Now

Now that I am gracefully in a new decade of my life, I notice my makeup was not. It is amazing how every decade things just change a bit with my skin. I had been using the same products I had used in my 30's and I noticed they were not quite working so hot. I decided to make an appointment at Sephora and get some expert advice. Kelsi was fantastic and spent an hour with me and my face to find the right products for this new decade. I am truly embracing my "paste" when it comes to my skin color and learning to add color without tanning. Since I have always been scared of trying new products on my face due to the feared breakouts, she helped me overcome my fears when it comes to new things. I am bravely trying an oil primer, since my oily face tends to get extremely dry in the winter (what in the world???) and learning to use a foundation brush to pat and not swoop with my foundation to add radiance. My bronzer is not brown or orange at all, smells like chocolate (which is dreamy) and contours nicely. The eyeshadow I got is the perfect palate, not too many colors and are the perfect shades for my baby blues. I also learned one of the colors works well as an eyeliner, who knew? The less harsh the better, I was told.  I am giving this new regimen a white and so far so good! No noticeable pimples and less noticeable wrinkles.  I know I'm ridiculous, but I think I am sold.