Wisdom Wednesday

There is no other joy in the world than when someone does something nice for you, just because. It can be as simple. There is no other joy in the world than doing something nice for someone else. It too, can be simple. You never know when you make someones heart smile. Never hesitate to perform an act of kindness. It can be as simple as slicing an apple. 

Week in Review

When I was in Boston, my 4th godchild turned 1! I am sad I was unable to attend Lucy's day of celebration but I am very excited for the many more birthdays to come. Let's face it, she will never remember that I wasn't there and if necessary, photo shop could always place me there. 

While I was gone and walking The Freedom Trail (in cute shoes, I might add), I was thinking about what I would get her for her birthday. Not only would she not remember me being there, but she would probably easily forget about any gift I could bestow upon her. Then it hit me. I love to write, why not share one of my favorite things with her?  So, each year on her birthday, I am going to write her a letter.  Who knows what I will include in each letter (which could get interesting as time goes on) but it will be my way of giving her a gift of history, memories, stories and a sincere piece of my heart. Each letter will be left un-opened and tucked away until her 18th birthday. Hopefully, this will be a gift she will never forget and it will be something I can give her, just-in-case I miss another day of celebrating Lucy. 

Holiday season is quickly approaching with the kick-off with Halloween. Since I do not fancy a lot of decor when it comes to the holidays, I usually bypass the seasonal items available for purchase. This past Saturday, I just couldn't walk by this adorable white pumpkin. In pure Anne style, I spruced this tiny creature up with some polka dots and a sad attempt at a fancy bow. It comfortably sits on my mantle and I enjoy it's small but adorable presence in my home. Thanks to my friend Barb for hooking me up with the pretty ribbon and paint for my dots. 

The rest of the week will be filled with calls and preparation for the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting in Ames, IA this year. I am excited to spend time with Iowa Registered Dietitians next week in our pretty kick-ass conference we have each year. This year is about passion!  I am all about passion friends! There is nothing better than hanging out with Registered Dietitians (this is a fact) and even better when we are focusing on our passion and purpose.  I am sure I will have many inspiring and fun things to share from the conference in the next couple weeks. 

Workout Playlist of the Week

Since being back from traveling, I am GETTING AFTER IT this week and let me tell you, I need all the motivation I can get!  You can't see from the picture what the last song is, but it is my favorite in the playlist this week. Are you ready?

Listen to my Workout Playlist of the Week by on Apple Music.

What I Love Right Now

While I was meandering through the grocery store, I could stop craving something sweet. My mouth was watering for a candy bar, kettle corn, ice cream, chocolate chips, pretty much anything with sugar in it. I came across these pouches in the applesauce aisle and instantly was curious. Big Slice kettle cooked apples are not your average pouches of apples. There were numerous flavors and the one that jumped out at me was cherry vanilla. Ingredients are simple (cherries, apples, Madagascar Vanilla, yum, yum and yum) and the taste is awesome. I had this grand idea of warming it up in the microwave and tossing Quaker Oat confetti on the top. It was the exact curbing I needed for my sweet tooth. Almost like warm cherry pie and satisfying. It would be even better with a little vanilla ice cream, but next time, I am going to freeze some vanilla Siggi's yogurt and top it off. These are going to be a great treat for the winter months, without the guilt. There is also 12 different flavors from chai (whattttt?) to banana mango & hemp seed. Another really great thing I love about this product is for every pouch purchased, a donation is made to Sparkle, to provide hope and help to women in need. Love it!

It is that time my friends, slumber is calling my name. May your Wednesday be full of greatness and joy!