Wisdom Wednesday

I had a revelation this weekend. Maybe it is because I am older and wiser, maybe it is because I have decided to just be exactly who I am. I was sitting in a restaurant in Boston during FNCE, our national dietitian conference, and I decided I was not going to eat anything I did not truly enjoy anymore. As a registered dietitian, people think we eat a certain way and all like healthy foods. Nope. Guess what? I do not like salmon and I decided at that particular moment, I will not eat salmon anymore. I am not going to fit a certain mold. I am truly going to enjoy the food I like, regardless of what people think I should eat. Never ever eat anything you do not enjoy. "Just because" you think you are suppose to, whether it is healthy or trendy, it does not matter.  From this moment forward it is all about truly enjoying my food and making sure I truly enjoy the company I keep when I dine. 

Week in Review

Besides my revelation, Boston and FNCE were amazing!  This city is beautiful and was fun experiencing the history all around. I am not sure I have walked this much in my entire life, but it was all worth the many miles my feet put on. I was also especially excited to be there t in the members showcase to debut my first book. I still cannot believe I wrote a book!

2015 was a crazy, life changing year in so many ways. During the moments of deep sadness, I did something very personal and important to me to get through all the madness. I'm a Registered Dietitian...Now What?  Is a book about all the things I have discovered along the way so far in my career. It is for new RD's and RD's who are maybe stuck in their career and need a little boost. If you are a Registered Dietitian or know one, please get this book and bring back the inspiration and passion! I am looking forward to hearing registered dietitians tell their stories of passion and purpose through my very own podcast, Conversations with Anne Elizabeth.  I am so proud to be part of such an amazing and inspiring profession. I did this for me. I did this for my peers. I did this because we all have a story to tell. Hell yeah!!!

Along with the book release, my dear friend Jen Haugen and I decided this year to premier both of our books in the Member Product Showcase at FNCE. It was awesome networking with other dietitians and getting inspired by their interests and passions. Jen wrote a book this year too: The Mom's Guide to a Nourishing Garden. It is a wonderful and inspiring resource for mothers, gardening and also creating a nourishing life with your family. She has been such a great friend and inspires me in many ways to live out all dreams. It was a great experience doing this with someone who shares a vision of the future of registered dietitians.

A trip to Boston could not be discussed without a picture of my most favorite food experience. Believe it or not, it was raw oysters.  Our waitress at Atlantic Fish Company recommended these creamy delights along with their specialty Pear Martini. It was a perfect pair. Cold water raw oysters are the way to go. I had a ton of other wonderful food, but this wins according to my taste buds, hands down.  It was a beautiful night on the patio, with great company, delicious food and a perfect ending to a great trip!

Workout Playlist of the Week

In preparation for being on the road, I got as many workouts in as possible.  Guess I had a bit of house dance music in my head this week!  You can get my playlist HERE

What I Love Right Now

When I travel a lot, it does a job on my skin. I am no spring chicken anymore!  I also seem to get out of my skincare routine when I am having early morning meetings and late night dinners. To get my skin back in order, I am religiously preparing for the cooler temps and getting back on track. To do so, I use Arbonne F5 Hydrating Cleanser. I have oily skin, but it tones down in the fall and I need a little more hydration. 

I also have notice my eyes getting a little more intense from all the smiling I do!  The Arbonne RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream helps my concealer go on smoother and not settle into my laugh lines. I will also not go a night without my Tretinoin Cream. Since summer is over and the sun is less damaging, it is time to do some repair. Dermatologist recommended as the best anti-aging skin clearing and smoothing formula on the market!

It has been a great week and I know there is nothing more than greatness ahead!


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