Wisdom Wednesday

Everyday I battle with my alarm clock and waking up to work on my fitness in the morning. It is the one thing I need to do everyday, for myself, to place myself in the right state of mind to conquer the day. It is also the most important appointment I set during my day. Bosses do not cancel important appointments. Remember to make yourself a priority, no matter what!

Week in Review

This week was a little different but entirely fun because I had the opportunity to make new connection with people I meet along my journeys as a registered dietitian. I was asked to be a part of a panel discussion for musicians to answer questions about healthier eating while on the road for the Des Moines Music Coalition Music University. It was a pleasure meeting and conversing with Jessinda with Bankers Trust and David with Green Room Music Source

I ended the week going to visit my momma and family back in Panama. We ended up having so much fun, we forgot about making the planed roast, carrots and potato dinner. Oooppsss!  So I ended up whipping up grilled cheese on my momma's legendary homemade bread and pairing it with veggies and ketchup! Yum!

Workout Playlist of the Week

Here is what I am listening to this week to keep me motivated. Click here to get my playlist!

What I Love Right Now

With the start of fall, I am all about warm and cozy. Since tea is my all-time favorite beverage, and Oprah Chai has always been one of my go-to's, I was excited to find the Oprah Cinnamon Chai flavor. It is a must try if you enjoy chai flavor. Funny thing is, I was sprinkling cinnamon in the plain chai!  I also am giving my almonds a sabbatical and replacing them with hazelnuts (no not Nutella, real deal hazelnuts).  A serving size is actually about the same as almonds and sport about the same amount of fiber. I am also excited about the magnesium content, to help my calmness continue throughout the day. 

The recipe I am crushing on right now is courtesy of Chef Stacey. Freekah is such a delicious whole grain and is very versatile. This is a must make for fall breakfasts. Freekah has a light smoky flavor and a nice chewy texture that compliments berries and yogurt. The Cinnamon Chai and these berry parfaits are a very satisfying warm and cozy breakfast. Click here for the full instructions and more mouth-watering pictures.