Wisdom Wednesday

When I was in college taking every science based class needed to graduate, I got a little burned out. I was taking classes all year long and during the summer as well so I could finish in a timely manner. I held off on a few electives, thinking I would take these classes later in my college career to give my brain a “science break.”  I got to walk in May for graduation, but I had one class to take to officially obtain my diploma in August. My last elective and the one I could not wait to take, Creative Writing.  I saved the very best for last and it was and always will be my most favorite college class. I spent the summer reading, learning, absorbing and writing a lot of things that I had in my head for a long time. It was in July of 1998 that I experienced a whole other dimension that I embraced about myself. My love for writing. I hope you find something about yourself that you never knew. It is never too late to explore the inner corners of your mind.