Week in Review

Another 4th of July has came and gone. It was a relaxing day spent with family, family and more family. Just the way I like it. Simple and comforting. I ended the day watching fireworks on my patio lighting up the sky from all directions, feeling very patriotic and appreciative of living in this great country. 

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends (who are considered my family) talking about upcoming vacations and plans for the summer. It reminded me I need to take some time off...and I need to find somewhere to go...hmmm the possibilities are endless. Suggestions are always welcome!

The end of the week has been hot and humid, spent the day outside sprucing up the yard. I love the "after", not sure how big of a fan I am of the "before" and "during" but I got it done (for the next 5 days anyway). I treated myself to my favorite treat in the whole wide world, some fresh cherries. Nothing like a cherry on top to finish the week!