Week in Review

What in the world would we do without friends?  Or what I like to consider is my extended family. This week was my week of friends.

My friend Brenda and her friend Jason came down this weekend to have a little Iowa State Fair fun. Beautiful night for the fair and to see a couple of our favorite music artists, Matt Nathanson and Train. We had so many laughs and sang our hearts out. I even lost my voice, temporarily.

On Saturday, my soul sista Carlena joined me in Waukee for some delicious food, laughs and a night on the patio. Hello, can we say bruschetta? She seriously is one of my favorite people in the world, feel so lucky to have met her almost 16 years ago and have grown into adulthood gracefully together.

The weekend was beautiful and surprisingly even got a little chilly.  Guess the candles were not enough to keep everyone warm.

What would I do without these amazing people I am so lucky to call friends?