Week in Review

Well this pretty much sums up my past week. I think I spent most of the past week just wanting to go home to my parents house and revert back to the year I was 17. Just one of those weeks where there is so much to do, I just wanted to take a nap!  I am sure you have felt like that before.

It was awesome to see a bunch of local produce hit the shelves at our store. I am very happy to be working for a company that works with local farmers to provide their products to our customers. I  am not a fan of corn, but I sure have yummied up some of those delish tomatoes.

I did end the week with a bunch of laughs and happy for it to be the weekend. My co-workers seriously are some of most comical people I have ever met. Who knew my friend Jason was the missing member of One Direction?  

Thank goodness for fun and Fridays!