Until We See You Again....

This past week has been a shocking, emotional and happy one all at the same time.  I have reflected upon the many different feelings I have had and realized how precious life is. You never think moments will ever end or people you care about will leave this earth, but it happens. 

People come into your life for a reason. I have said this so many times and believe it to my core. No matter how brief the moment is, that person has meaning to you and the many others they touch during their life.  

Make memories, everyday. Look back and laugh, cry, question, answer, and appreciate all that has been given to you. Moments pass; pictures, sounds, and feelings last forever. Unfortunately, life does not. 

I am so lucky to have had these moments with Andrea. Moments that are never forgotten and laughs that will echo forever. The "Vegas Girls" will never be the same without you here, but we know you will forever be in all of our lives.

Until we see you again, Andrea. Love ya girl!