Week in Review

In the past year, I am very glad I have taken on this mantra. I have vowed to make more memories with the people that mean the most to me and document special times with pictures and journal entries. I am not so good with recalling a lot of things from my past, so I want to make sure I note the special times in my life. I also have met new friends and want to remember why they have come into my life, again, everyone comes into my life for a reason and I never want to forget them or why.

I started off my Labor Day weekend celebrating birthdays with friends and having a great time. I love to laugh. Laughing has new meaning to my life because I do not remember laughing because of joy. The people that surround me in my life journey bring me so much joy. I truly feel that joy and it makes me happier and happier. I also welcome the laugh lines that come with it.

I ended my holiday weekend with a delicious treat from a sweet neighbor (and an extremely great baker). Paula across the street shared her amazing blueberry muffins that I have rationed over the past few weeks. The last one (pink polka dots and all!) was a great way to start a lazy day and to end a happy weekend.