Week in Review

Cannot believe we are winding down the month of July and summer is slowly dwindling. The days are getting shorter and that is one thing I will miss about summer. 

It was fun to still see bits of what summer is by this sweet baby robin on my patio. Every year I have a nest of them in the maple tree in my backyard. This little guy (or gal) hung out for quite awhile and drove my kitties crazy! Eventually momma came to get him.

Chef Stacey and I got to showcase our delicious smoked salmon that is exclusively made at our store. Many people came up and asked what our competition was this time, but we stopped....and collaborated on this one!

I ended the week with a new pair of running "kicks" to keep my momentum going toward my running goals. I cannot believe how many miles I had put on my old shoes until I stepped into these cushy delights!  And I am pretty excited they are pink!  

Until next week.....