Happily Ever After....

I love being a part of new chapters in people's lives. This weekend was no different. My sweet cousin Lindsey married the man of her dreams and we are very excited to have Justin be a part of our family. It is fun to look at a newly married couple and look around to see all of the generations in our family sitting next to their spouses while the new bride and groom said their vows.

I am sure each couple went back to their special day and relived some of those memories of the start of their lives together. I know I did.   No matter how many years it has been, it is moment that is never forgotten. 

Each couple from our family represented the love that got the couple to their wedding day. Without them, there would be no Mr. And Mrs. Watkins.  There would be no family. It took my breath away just looking around the church, how lucky to be part of something so much bigger than me. 

This weekend and this event, reminds me how important family truly is. Even if you have a weird uncle or troubled cousin, they are family, your family, my family. Sometimes we may not all agree or get along, but we sure can get together and all celebrate the happiness and joy that keeps moving our family forward. 

To Lindsey and Justin...may you live happily ever and always know your family loves and supports you!