The Dietitian's Pantry

Hmmm, looking at this picture reminds me there is some cleaning and purging in my future. My pantry. There is very little turn around in this area. There are many things I do not even eat!

When going through your pantry, I think there is one thing to think about:  the ingredient list. If an item has more than 5 ingredients, it is probably something that has been too processed and is full of stuff you have no clue what it is.  For instance, you can see a box of crackers in my photo. Seriously, I bought those impulsively thinking I may need them over the holiday. Funny, they did not get used and are not opened. Makes me wonder why I even bought them. If I won't eat them, why would I want to give them to my guests?

The more processed the food, the less nutritional value it has. Stick with filling your pantry with ancient grains like quinoa, wheatberries and wild rice. Stock up on oats,  tomatoes with no salt added, dried beans, and shredded wheat. Yes, it will take a little effort to jazz these items up, but thank goodness for herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables. There might be a few things in there worth eating, even for my guests.