A New "Treat" For Your Sweet

This week is a week of love, gifts, flowers and candy. Many of you have something special planned for the ones you love and many of you have yet to get your game plan ready (we all know those procrastinators we have in our lives and you know who you are!). 

If you are looking for something different this year, something a little more fun than the traditional Valentine's day loot, why not try a special evening at home?  Our Chef, Stacey, has created these perfect savory treats for a special meal at home for the family. There are different flavors to tickle everyone's palate, perfectly portioned and easy to prepare. All you need to do is prepare a beautiful side salad, crack open a bottle of your favorite wine (or sparkling apple cider) and light the candles to have a cozy, love-filled,  reservation-free, dinner at home.

Stop by your Fleur Hy-Vee and pick up my dietitian-approved Nutritional Nosh this Valentine's Day.