Palazzo Day

It is February 18th, also known as Palazzo Day according to my friend Katy, or the day after your birthday.

It was a fun one this year, more than one day of celebrating with family and friends. My parents and sister spent the day with me. My parents making my favorite dinner of Chicken Kiev and sinful chocolate cake. I truly felt very lucky for everyone who made it a special one with food, dancing and the many laughs we shared.

I also celebrated today, with my birthday twin, Carlin. She is a sweet person I have gotten to know and enjoy the pass few years. Once we discovered we shared the same day of birth, I knew she would forever be another special person in my life.

I hope each of you have the privilege to be surrounded by the love, family and friends I have in my life, each year, on your special day. To them, it may just be another day, but to me, it is another day I will always remember with the warm and fuzzy feeling they showered me with.