It is NOW or NEVER

Ok, so most of us have got our new year off to a healthy start, but the weekend after is usually when things may start to slip a little. Do not let yourself fall back into old patterns. If you find yourself saying, you will get back to it tomorrow or Monday, you have already given up on your commitment to yourself.

I am a caretaker, I put everyone else before myself. Sometimes it is a good thing but is also my biggest downfall.  As a caretaker, you can lose sight of keeping the most important person in your life, you, happy and healthy. Which is why it is easy to put yourself "off" while taking care of other's needs. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot give the best of you unless you truly take care of you. I have learned that lesson the hard way and now I am never looking back.

Make this year the best year of you. Do not put your goals off and keep striving to find the balance you deserve and need. Be strong, be devoted and be determined to take care of the one and only chance you have to live your best life.