New Year, New Beginnings and Resolutions

Happy 2013! (almost, I am writing this one day early, so I can have one last bit of fun). I am VERY excited for all that 2013 has to offer, because it is completely unknown. It is a new year, a clean slate, and a fresh outlook of all that is possible.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about giving of yourself. When he was sharing with me the many unselfish things he does for others, it made me realize I am not as caring and as thoughtful as I thought I was. He is the type of person who will think of others, without intending to. He acts, instead of thinking about acting. I realized how blessed I am with so much but do not think often enough of others who are not.  I admire those who have that unselfish spirit and unconscious caring within their being. I want to be more like that.

With this new year on the horizon, I am sure many of you have thoughts of resolutions in your mind. Most of them surround physical health; losing weight, getting more physically active, maybe quitting smoking. I too, usually have some health resolution planned as well.

But this year, I am resolving to work on my human nature. I want to find and practice being more giving of myself to others in need. So this year, I am going to offer at least 2 random acts of kindness each month to someone or something. It may sound ridiculous to set a goal each month to be kind, but I hope it will become an involuntary behavior and just part of me making the most out of everyday.